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Memories of Sept. 11

Click here to read Anthony Coate’s blog, “Where Were You On 9/11?” The day after the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced, we asked our LOCAL readers to share where they were and what they had been doing the morning of Sept. 11. Here are some of the memories that day shared by our Facebook community: Diane Zak: Working, my ...

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Losquadro urges residents to donate blood

Assemblyman Dan Losquadro

With the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 approaching, many are reminded of the importance of reaching out to help those in need during dire situations. Assemblyman Dan Losquadro took that lesson to heart 10 years ago. He has since then been dedicated to a cause he believes is the easiest and fastest way for a person to help: donating blood. ...

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Riverhead deploys propane-powered school buses

Riverhead school bus driver Ted Olsen

Riverhead is the first school district on Long Island to deploy propane-powered school buses. Two brand new propane buses hit the road for the first time Monday morning. “The handling is great and it’s much quieter,” said 15-year veteran bus driver Ted Olsen, assigned to one of the two new vehicles. “The kids can already see a difference in it.” ...

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CSEA prez: budget chicanery in Town Hall

Dear Riverhead Town Residents, This public letter is to inform the taxpayers of Riverhead of nefarious actions taken by the Riverhead Town Board and Former Supervisor Cardinale.  Last year on Election Day the voters of this Town, by Referendum, elected to pay the costs (as determined by the Supervisor and Town Board) of the Public Safety Dispatchers employed by the ...

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