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Hot stuff at Riverhead farm stand

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Holy Schmitt — that’s some good horseradish.

That seemed to be the consensus among those who tried Schmitt Farms’ famous ‘Holy Schmitt’ horseradish at their tasting Friday afternoon.

Farm stand spotlight badgeLocated at the intersection of Sound and Roanoke Avenue, Schmitt Farms converges 180 acres into one small red shed, one mobile farm stand, and a series of hand-painted signs to sell their products. The farm produces a bevy of different vegetables from greens and herbs to beets and corn but what they are increasingly being known for, according to co-owner Debbie Schmitt, is their signature smokin’ hot horseradish.

Schmitt Farms has always sold horseradish but it was only after wanting to market the product that they decided to produce it more professionally with a license and kitchen.

“Holy Schmitt is something my son started a few years ago,” Schmitt said. “We grow the horseradish root right on our farm and he grates and bottles it himself.

“He uses his great-grandfather’s recipe,” she said.

2013 0615 farm stand schmitt horseradishThe Schmitts sell five different varieties of flavors sold in 8 oz. jars: original horseradish, beet horseradish, cranberry horseradish, hot pepper horseradish and horseradish mustard.

Original horseradish is $6 and all other varieties are $8.

The horseradish root is dug out in March and is held in a cool environment to maintain freshness, Debbie said.

“The idea is to keep it fresh because that’s what make’s it hot,” she said.

Holy Schmitt’s is available through December.

Co-owner Phillip Schmitt wrote on the farm’s website:

2013 0615 farm stand schmitt vegetables“Living in a community with strong Polish and German roots, horseradish was a hot commodity and source of pride for those who prepared it. I watched and assisted, although assisted may be a stretch here, as my grandfather washed, peeled, grated and mixed the root using his own secret method and recipe. Friends and neighbors eagerly awaited their fresh ground horseradish that would show up on their doorsteps each spring. This horseradish, gifted in recycled tomato sauce jars, would become my inspiration years later when trying to help keep my family farm and its traditions afloat.”

Schmitt Farm is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. everyday except Tuesday. Starting in July, they will open seven days a week.

To learn more about Schmitt Farms check out their website: http://www.schmittfamilyfarm.com

Don’t live close? Order a jar to be shipped here: http://www.holyschmitts.com

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