2014 0816 polish town fair

You could smell kielbasa cooking from half a mile away this weekend as the 40th annual Polish Town fair kicked off on Pulaski Street Saturday morning.

And the sound of live polka wasn’t far behind as RBO Music set up in the parking lot of the Polish Hall.

The skies were clear and weather welcoming as people shuffled their way from vendor to vendor down Osborn Avenue and Pulaski Street, many with a Polish Town fair beer mug in one hand and kielbasa sandwich in the other.

Local microbrewery Long Ireland was happy to have their Summer Ale on the Polish Town Civic Association’s taps thisFred Keller (left) and Dan Burke with one of only 300 bottles of their Polish Town Pilsner. (Photo: Peter Blasl) year, but wanted to take it a step further.

“The brewers in Polish Town wanted to do something to commemorate the fair’s 40th anniversary,” Long Ireland co-owner Dan Burke said.

So Long Ireland brewed up just 300 bottles of a lager they decided to name Polish Town Pilsner. The rest of the batch filled almost 40 kegs, Burke said.

The fair wouldn’t be complete without the mock Polish wedding. The mock wedding takes the audience through the customs and practices of a what a traditional Polish wedding might look like. It includes all the all the people in the wedding party dressed in traditional garb — and some polonaise and polka, of course.


RiverheadLOCAL photos by Emil Breitenbach Jr., Peter Blasl and Denise Civiletti



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