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First-ever North Fork TV Festival to be held at Greenport Theater this month

The first-ever North Fork TV Festival is coming to Greenport Theater this month, showcasing advance screenings of independent television series alongside panels and discussions that will feature top indie TV creators from across the country.

The festival, presented by international Colorado-based indie TV festival SeriesFest, will be held Saturday, August 20 at the Greenport Theater.

The festival is a “celebration of the evolution of television,” the organizers said in a press release today. The festival will bring together the best that independent television has to offer, including a selection of award-winning original pilots that premiered at SeriesFest in Colorado this June.

“There’s something really cool about television right now,” said Jerry Foley, artistic director of the festival in a press release. “The boundary separating film and TV has completely dissolved, the production of original ideas is no longer exclusive to traditional networks and technology has unleashed a flood of exciting opportunities for independent storytellers.

“We’re in the middle of a wonderful disruption and this is the perfect time to showcase television as its own art form,” he said.

Creators of several of the pilots will be in attendance at the screenings and the panels. An actor’s panel, featuring Mircea Monroe, Scott Cohen and Ian Kahn, will be moderated by Emmy Award-winning writer Bill Persky.

There will also be a screening of Spike TV’s “I Am JFK Jr.,” along with an introduction and Q&A with RoseMarie Terenzio, who was a chief of staff to John F. Kennedy Jr.

All screenings and events will take place at the Greenport Theatre located in Greenport, New York on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Tickets for this year’s festival will be available at www.northfork.tv, visiting the Greenport Theatre’s box-office, or by calling 914-482-8774.

Schedule of screenings, pilots & panels

International Pilot Screening Block Presented by SeriesFest

Saturday, August 20th | 1:30pm – 3:15pm | Greenport Theatre
Creator: Aidan Largey
Cast: Shaun Blaney, Ian Beattie, Stephanie Donaghue, Lynn O’Neil, Patrick Buchanon, Gary Crossan, Patrick Molloy
UK, 24m
Q&A with Creator Aiden Largey to follow

Set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Farr follows Michael Gallagher, an ambitious young detective investigating the city’s most dangerous crime family, the Farrs. As his investigation deepens, Gallagher must confront a dark secret that puts his career, life, and the entire operation at risk. SeriesFest, Best Drama & Best Director (2016)

“Riftworld Chronicles”
Saturday, August 20th | 1:30pm – 3:15pm | Greenport Theatre
Creator: Jonathan Williams
Cast: Tahmoh Penikett, Erin Karpluk, Munro Chambers
Canada, 44m, Sci-fi
Q&A with Producer Andrew McCann Smith to follow

Stripped of his powers and trapped in downtown Toronto, Alar the Archmage (Battlestar Galactica’s Tahmoh Penikett) teams up with struggling journalist Kim, who aids him on his quest to return home in exchange for the rights to his story. But they soon discover their worlds, and their fates, may be intertwined.SeriesFest, Audience Award, Best Actor, Virgin Produced Choice Award (2016).

Actors Panel
Saturday, August 20th | 3:30pm – 4:30pm | Greenport Theatre
Panelists: Mircea Monroe (Actress, “Episodes” and “Impastor”), Scott Cohen (Actor, “Allegiance,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Billions”) and Ian Kahn (Actor, “Turn: Washington’s Spies” and “Bull and the Unusuals”)
Moderator: Bill Persky (Writer/Director)

“Want to Be A TV Actor?”

In the competitive television landscape of today, many try to become actors, though few are lucky enough to succeed. Join the North Fork TV Festival for its first annual Actors Panel, which will feature top industry talent discussing the process behind television acting, which includes the art of auditioning, becoming a character, navigating life on set, dealing with fame and more.

New York Pilot Screening Block Presented by SeriesFest

“The Come Up”
Saturday, August 20th | 5:00pm – 6:30pm | Greenport Theatre
Creators: Ben Snyder & Ari Issler
Cast: Andre Holland, Greg Keller, Michael K. Williams
USA, 19m
Q&A with Creators Ben Snyder & Ari Issler to follow

The Come Up follows a group of friends as they attempt to navigate adulthood, while avoiding any of the trappings that come with it—career, commitment, compromise. Strictly New York and definitely downtown, The Come Up looks past the velvet rope once the lights have come up and real life begins. SeriesFest, Best Director & Best Writer (2016).

Saturday, August 20th | 5:00pm – 6:30pm | Greenport Theatre
Creator: Rachel Carey
Cast: Ian Bell, Nate Dobson, Kelley Gates, Morgan McGuire, Adam Santos-Coy, Alexandra Renzo
USA, 46m
Q&A with Creator Rachel Carey to follow

When a Wall Street investor steals their best trick and hands it to the competition, a trio of young magicians decide to fund their revenge scheme by turning to con artistry. As it turns out, they’ve saved their best trick for last. SeriesFest, Best Actress (2016).

Special Screening of Spike TV’s “I AM JFK Jr.”
Saturday, August 20th | 7:00pm – 8:30pm | Greenport Theatre
Directors: Steve Burgess and Derik Murray
Producer: Derik Murray
USA, 94m
Q&A with RoseMarie Terenzio, former Chief of Staff to John F. Kennedy Jr., to follow

He was the adored son of America’s most glamorous president, and now in the anniversary month of his tragic death comes an intimate, revealing and poignant look at his life in and out of the spotlight. Network Entertainment and Spike TV delve into the compelling life of John F. Kennedy Jr. through the distinctive lens of many of the people who knew him best, from A-list celebrities to staffers who worked closely with him at George magazine, in the original documentary film, “I AM JFK Jr.”, which premiered on Monday, August 1.

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