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Letter: Riverhead should ban new commercial construction

Dear Editor:

Whether you print this or not, I need to speak my mind.

In my opinion I feel the Town Board needs to issue a ban on any and all commercial construction.

Mail_Envelope_letterI have lived my entire life in Riverhead and it is not the town I grew up in. I am tired of seeing so many empty buildings/businesses with no plans, yet the Town Board continues to allow new construction. Route 58 is a nightmare.

We live in the country. We have farms, vineyards, horses, buffalo, etc. The rate this town is going it might as well become a commercial town with no residents.

I have nothing personal against the people involved, I just think it is a shame what this town is turning into. We need fresh air, clean water, trees, parks for our kids, not so much traffic and combustion and overgrowth.

They talk about more revenue for the town, yet they give these developers a tax break for five years. We need to clean up and utilize what already exists, not add more. This is just my opinion and I thank you for letting me express it.

Wendy Ruskowski


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