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Riverhead High School artists to be showcased at ‘Art Barre’ event

The work of Riverhead High School artists will be displayed at the Peconic Ballet Foundations’ Art Barre event on Oct. 21. From left, are student-artists Katherine Marroquin Gonzalez, Devyn Bishop, Olivia Bozuhoski and Kelly Valencia. Photo courtesy of the Riverhead Central School District

Four young artists will have their work exhibited at Peconic Ballet Theatre this weekend.

Riverhead High School freshman Katherine Marroquin Gonzalez and juniors Devyn Bishop, Olivia Bozuhoski and Kelly Valencia will show their works at the Peconic Ballet Art Foundation’s Art Barre event on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Katherine’s piece, called “No Boundaries,” depicts a boat in pencil and black marker and was chosen because it demonstrates her natural ability. “The boat symbolizes the open ocean and the expansiveness of being out at sea without boundaries,” Katherine said of the piece.

Devyn’s work includes a still life drawing, a self-portrait, a dog portrait and a portrait, titled “Brandon.” Her pieces are done in graphite, charcoal and watercolor and were selected because they “articulate unique style and visual voice.” Devyn explained that each of her four pieces was done in a different medium that she felt best “conveyed an emotion, feeling or growth” of the subject.

Olivia’s pieces include a still life painting, a pencil drawing, titled “Observation,” a pastel drawing, called “Hushed” and a marker drawing, called “Animated Koi.” The pieces were chosen because “they demonstrate a mature, technical skill.”

“Using my passion for fine arts, I am developing a sense of self and style through my experimentation with various techniques, mediums and themes,” Olivia said. “Generally, I draw my inspiration from my experiences with art, music and culture.”

Kelly’s piece, “At Peace,” portrays an owl in black marker. It was selected because it shows the artist’s desire to improve herself. The artist said she chose her subject because owls are observant animals that represent a higher wisdom, maturity and awareness. “This animal and its symbolism has inspired me to want to achieve its qualities for myself through my study of art.”