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‘A change for the better’

I am writing because I am deeply concerned about the future of the Town of Riverhead. In these times of chaos, confusion and misunderstandings, it is time for a change for the better in our town’s leadership. We have endured eight years of unfulfilled promises from our town board.

This letter is to encourage you to submit your vote for Michele Tumulty Lynch as a town board member. I have known Michele for many years and have always found her to be an honest and forward-thinking individual, who has no problem speaking up for what is good and for those things that best serve our community.

Michele recently retired as the political director for 1199 SEIU where her work played an important part in county, state and federal elections for those political leaders who have a heart to be of service to the public.

Now it is time for us to back Michele in her effort to gain a position on the Riverhead Town Board so that she can continue her efforts to be of service to the community that she calls home. We can all agree that this community needs a change for the better.

On Nov. 7, I urge you to support the team of Laura Jens-Smith for Riverhead Town supervisor and Catherine Kent and Michele Lynch for Riverhead Town Board. They are a strong team putting people before politics.

Linda Bullock