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Zeldin is tough on MS-13

Our town and island are under siege. There’s a bounty out on the heads of our police officers, young people are being hacked to death by machetes, and our community has become the national epicenter in the war against MS-13.

Two weeks ago, Congressman Lee Zeldin sat down with President Trump, along with law enforcement officials from every level of government to hear from the parents of victims. As a result, he pledged to provide law enforcement officers with the resources they need to keep our communities safe against gang violence.

Congressman Zeldin does more than just talk about the issues, he takes action. He recently introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that would revoke the naturalization of those involved in gang activity.

Furthermore, he co-sponsored the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, which would enable law enforcement officers to detain and remove illegal aliens who participate in criminal gang activity.

The crises we face in Long Island are not immigrant issues. They are related to gang violence, which are directly impacting our youth and the safety of our Long Island communities. Congressman Lee Zeldin is our representative, his proactive approach will undoubtedly help combat the profound gang crisis we are currently facing on Long Island.

Yvette Aguiar