Riverhead Police helped get a fully submerged pickup truck out of the water at Iron Pier Beach. Photo: Peter Blasl

A Riverhead Town Police diver assisted in recovering a submerged pickup truck from the Long Island Sound Monday evening.

Two men attempting to get a jet ski out of the water at Iron Pier Beach ended up with their pickup truck and trailer in the water instead.

The 2017 Ford F150 pickup rolled off the boat ramp and into the water. It was fully submerged when Riverhead Town Police were called to the scene at about 6:15 p.m.

Neither the owner of the truck, an East Rockaway man, nor his friend from Hampton Bays were injured in the mishap, police said.

A police diver hooked a line to the truck so a towing company could pull it out. He also retrieved the jet ski.

The owner of the pickup said he was trying to get the watercraft out of the water when the truck started rolling into the water. It happened so fast, he said, and before he could do anything to stop it, his truck was being swallowed up by the Sound.

Jamesport Fire Department and Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance also responded to the scene.

Peter Blasl contributed reporting.

Riverhead Town Police Sgt. Tom Lessard, a member of the department’s dive team, entered the water to retrieve the trailer and hook the pickup to a tow line. Photo: Peter Blasl
A tow truck pulls the pickup out of the water. Photo: Peter Blasl

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