A total of 126 Riverhead High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Dec. 5. Courtesy Photo: Riverhead Central School District

More than 100 members of the Riverhead High School junior class were inducted into the National Honor Society earlier this month during a ceremony at the high school.

A candle-lighting ceremony was held on Dec. 5 to honor the 126 students as new members. The students were given certificates for their achievement and pledged to uphold the principles of the society which include scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Additionally, new officers for the National Honor Society for the 2020-21 school year were announced. The new officials are president Madison Stromski, vice president Brianna Maricahal, treasurer William Lopez and secretary Justin Meilunas.

Full list of National Honor Society Members

Last Name First Name
Acosta Acosta Maribella
Anasky Jennifer
Arruda Pedro
Atkinson Brian
Avalos Abzun Nydelin
Bodanza Taylor
Buday Jr. Brian
Butkiewicz Kasandra
Caputo Anthony
Carey Logann
Cichy Jenna
Cohen Rebecca
Cuccia Connor
D’Albano Makayla
Dobrzynski Tercia
Dozier Egypt
Foley Kate
Fusco Lana
Gachynska Oleksandra
Girolamo Laine
Green William
Guazhambo Pena Fiel Angeles
Hanson Sky
Harrison Justin
Healy Clare
Heilman Max
Hernandez-Gonzalez Sandra
Herrera Jeny
Hillis Avery
Horvat Kimberly
Hynes Steven
Interiano Jordan Banesa
Jager Jordyn
Judd Madeline
Kruger Lauren
Lesiewicz Casmir
Lopez William
Lopez Leon Maura
Maki Sean
Mannetta Dino
Manucha Ravi
Marascia Sydney
Marchini Drew
Marichal Brianna
Marroquin Gonzalez Katherin
Martelli Kyle
Martin Aidan
Matwey Alexander
Mayen Odalys
Meilunas Justin
Metzger Kai
Milton Emily
Morales Gabriela
Mowdy Kate
Niewiadomski Olivia
O’Brien Shannon
Ochoa Kaillyn
Podlas Jocelyn
Pomiranceva Linda
Purcell Cora
Ramos Deonta
Russell Emma
Sagastume Rios Yuliana
Sanchez Ronquillo Melina
Sandoval-Chavez Diego
Santini Madison
Skobodzinski Viktoria
Straus Noah
Stromski Madison
Terry Laurel
Thorp Kyra
Ventura Diaz Katya
Wagner William
Williams Isabella
Yakaboski Matthew

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