To the Editor:

Are you out of your mind? Micro apartments?! Really?! This idiotic idea is almost as bad as the moronic proposal of an indoor ski mountain at EPCAL in 2010. Stop trying to turn Riverhead into New York City. My family has stayed in this town for four generations to get away from the Citidiots of NYC.

Other businesses will return to take over the vacant buildings. Planet fitness is already taking over the vacant Sports Authority.

The Stony Brook School of Business had previously advised the town to turn EPCAL into a “city with in a city” (Patch, 10/23/2014). They didn’t get it then and they don’t get it now. Those who live here and vote here DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A CITY!

It’s obvious that these hundreds of apartments will have a huge negative impact on the school district. To say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence. Our schools are busting at the seams. Where does the town board expect to put the new students? The school district can’t pass a bond to build bigger schools. The school district might be in better financial shape if not for a leeching charter School and our Riverhead Town Board via an unelected Riverhead IDA handing out tax abatements like candy. Our Riverhead Town Board is giving away our tax base and our children are suffering because if it.

Legislator Hahn should try to peddle her nonsense proposal of micro apartments in her own district and leave our district alone. If they can do this in Riverhead, then is Southold or the Hamptons next? Where does my legislator, Al Krupski stand on this issue? He should know that the North Forkers vote for him not her.

Supervisor Aguiar campaigned for my vote last year and promised to confront the town’s overcrowding and to help our children. Was that all a lie? This proposal is the exact opposite of that promise. Sergeant Aguiar worked in the NYC Cesspool. Why in the world would she bring that garbage here? I used to love this town… used to.

Furiously yours,
Richard Park

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