The Riverhead Water District will begin the annual spring flushing of its water mains on the evening of Sunday, April 18.

Beginning on the evening of Sunday, April 18 and continuing for three weeks, the Riverhead Water District will be flushing out its system, cleaning its mains of any accumulated sediments.

The flushing could cause temporary discoloration of your tap water, according to Riverhead Water District Superintendent Frank Mancini. Be sure to check your water before doing laundry, to avoid discoloring your clothing. Let your water run a few minutes before using it, he said. It should run clear after a few minutes. If it doesn’t run clear, wait a while and run it again.

Flushing the entire system is expected to be completed by May 8. Most of the work will be done during the overnight hours to minimize inconvenience to customers, according to the superintendent.

The water district flushes its mains every spring. It’s a simple housekeeping measure. As the water travels through the system’s mains, minerals settle out and accumulate on the bottom of the mains. The flushing cleans out loose sediments.

Homeowners are encouraged to flush the pipes in their homes, too, for the same reason.

The water district has instructions for flushing your home’s internal water supply lines on the Town of Riverhead’s website:

Recommended flushing procedures for hot water lines.

Recommended flushing procedures for cold water lines.

Water district customers with questions or concerns should call (631) 727-3205 or 631-727-3200 ext. 338 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours and in case of emergency, call the Riverhead Police Department at 631-727-4500.

“Your cooperation during this period is appreciated,” Mancini said.

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