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Celia Marszal-Iannelli

Celia Iannelli is a native New Yorker enjoying a second career — in 'retirement' — as a freelance writer. She lives in Jamesport.

Yes, 71 can be sexy. Get over it.

When did 'aging' become a dirty word? Getting older doesn't mean we can't enjoy life, exercise, laughter, love and (yes) sex.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

When we realize that eating humble pie will not kill us or herald the end of the world, we will feel lightened and enlightened.

A lesson in love from our long-ago ‘over-the-fence’ friends

Back then, being gay was better left in the closet. In having the courage to live out of the closet, these neighbors and friends taught us by example that love is love is love.

Why surrender is so sweet

It's not easy to let go of the notion that you can control things in life. But learn to let go and you learn surrender brings serenity, clarity and freedom.

Pointless speculation: fun, juicy or harmful?

Humans are prone to speculation: from gambling to gossip to speculating about the next president, whether there's life on Mars, or where Kim Kardashian will next be spotted. What's the point?

Forgiving old hurts: an important act of self-love

To err is human. To forgive is also human. To forget? Impossible.

Don’t wait for your ‘bucket list’ adventures — find joy and fulfillment in the ‘ordinary,’ every day

It’s great to have a bucket list and entertain the possibility of fulfilling all our dreams, but while we contemplate our adventures let’s remember to look outside our front door.

The ‘small stuff’ litmus test: Will it matter a year from now?

When something's driving you up a wall, do a quick perspective-check by asking yourself this question: Will it matter a year from now? Funny how the answer to that simple question sets it all straight.

Exercise to keep fit and stay young

Exercise, no matter what form, is an essential part in keeping us young and happy, regardless of age.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: When it went missing, we all lost out

As a society, we seem to have lost the ability to communicate and treat each other with respect and dignity — and we all suffer for it.