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Around town: May 15

Neighborhood and community news and events around town.

The soothing — yes, soothing — sound of my rooster’s morning call

There are lessons to be learned in the garden and even in the backyard chicken coop. While some may not appreciate being awakened by a crowing rooster at dawn, we all can relate to the struggle of finding our own voice and speaking up for another’s good will. 

Wow, I didn’t see that coming: blindsided by betrayal

In most cases, we will experience a moment where the situation becomes clear. We may experience a flashback that is so powerful that we can see everything that was wrong. We simply didn’t want to believe it or see it.

Around Town: May 1

Catch up on neighborhood and community news "Around Town" with Kathy Berezny.

It’s a beautiful life

It is possible to find contentment in life in any circumstances — happy or sad, easy or hard;  isolated or surrounded by family and friends. The secret is finding contentment within us rather than around us.

Around Town: April 17

Community and neighborhood news from around town with Kathy Berezny.

The egg: a symbol of life and redemption for Christians and Jews in this holy season

Living one’s life focused on a cure for disease can actually take away from living the life we are trying so desperately to prolong.

Amidst the pandemic, an epidemic of loneliness

We rarely discuss it, but loneliness affects a lot of people, with consequences to mental and physical health. And you don't have to be alone to feel lonely or isolated.

Around Town: April 3

Neighborhood and community news around town, with Kathy Berezny,

Spring advice: Take your time and bloom

As we all scramble to make up for time lost to the pandemic, give yourself permission to slow down and take care of yourself.