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Proposed battery energy storage code draws questions, criticism at public hearing

A proposed code that would regulate the siting and operation of battery energy storage systems in the Town of Riverhead drew criticism from residents who complained the code was being adopted without benefit of a comprehensive plan.

Riverhead to seek more water extension grants, as patience of Manorville residents wears thin

Residents lobbying for more than 60 homes in Manorville to be hooked up to public water pleaded with the Riverhead Town Board Tuesday to sign an inter-municipal agreement with Suffolk County Water Authority to strengthen its grant application and finally bring water to their neighborhood.

Virginia energy company proposes 100 MW battery energy facility on Mill Road

The proposal to build a 100 megawatt/200 megawatt-hour battery energy storage facility on Mill Road just north of West Main Street comes as the Riverhead Town Board is considering legislation to regulate this type of energy facility.

Plan for NHL-sized covered ice rink in Riverhead shifts back to Calverton park

The hockey organization looking to site a NHL-sized covered ice rink in Riverhead will look to develop the rink in Veterans Memorial Park in Calverton — the site originally eyed by the group — instead of Stotzky Park, a location that drew opposition from town officials and residents.

Electric scooter rideshare company appears to have lost interest in Riverhead after town adopted safety regulations, councilman says

Bird Rides, a rideshare company interested in bringing its electric scooter program to Riverhead last year, appears to have abandoned its plans after expressing to local officials that the town’s regulations on electric scooters were too restrictive, according to Councilman Ken Rothwell.

Riverhead is passed over for federal DOT grant, where it sought $34 million for downtown projects, including parking structures

The Town of Riverhead was passed over for a U.S. Department of Transportation grant it sought to help fund two parking structures downtown, flood resilience on the Peconic riverfront and other projects.

Riverhead may sue LIPA to collect payments in lieu of taxes LIPA says it’s ready and willing to pay

The dispute between Riverhead Town and LIPA centers on whether the town must issue consolidated invoices totaling more than $5 million for all LIPA parcels reflecting all taxing districts within the town, as LIPA has demanded.

Town Board mulls extending solar moratorium

The Riverhead Town Board is considering extending the town’s year-long moratorium on commercial solar energy project applications. The moratorium is set to expire in October.

Plan to bring NHL-sized ice rink to Stotzky Park is put on ice

The plan to bring a NHL-sized ice rink to Stotzky Park has been put on ice after Riverhead’s Recreation Advisory Committee yesterday unanimously recommended against building the arena on one of two soccer fields at the flagship park.

With Long Island on drought watch, Riverhead Water District is pumping under capacity thanks to conservation efforts, superintendent says

Long Island is on a drought watch due to dry weather conditions over the last few weeks, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. But the Riverhead Water District has yet to push the capacity of its system this summer.