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Lawmakers take aim at foundation aid equity

State Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele say they've drafted legislation that would require an increase in foundation aid for districts, like Riverhead, funded at less than 55% of the foundation aid formula if they meet growth and need criteria.

Riverhead Charter School seeks another enrollment expansion

The charter school seeks to expand its maximum enrollment from 787 to 1.037 students in grades K-9 over the next two years.

Navy to report on investigation of PFAS groundwater contamination at former Grumman site in Calverton

Naval environmental engineers say there is no need to expand sampling area or provide alternative water supply to area around former Grumman facility, despite PFAS contamination.

‘Fake news’ is an oxymoron

How can you tell if something is news, entertainment, advertising or propaganda? On Facebook, it all looks the same. The very name Facebook gives to the information it presents to users blurs those very important lines. Facebook calls it your “news feed.” But not much of what appears there is actually news.

Peconic Estuary Program proposes wetland construction in Aquebogue to improve health of Meetinghouse Creek

A 1.2-acre wetland would be constructed on town-owned property at the headwaters of the creek to filter road runoff being discharged from drainage structures.

Hubbard out, Higgins in for deputy supervisor

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar announced Thursday evening she will appoint her chief of staff, Devon Higgins, as her deputy supervisor. Last week she said she would name Councilman Tim Hubbard to the post.

Not even close: Governor’s budget would increase foundation aid to Riverhead schools by just $1.1 million

The governor's budget proposal is still more than $23 million shy of what Riverhead is owed if state foundation aid is fully funded — 'nowhere near' the district's fair share, Superintendent Henriquez says.

With clock ticking on contract deadline, fate of EPCAL subdivision rests with N.Y. State DEC

The town's $40 million deal with Calverton Aviation and Technology requires the town to file a final subdivision map by mid-May. But the town needs approval from the DEC — and so far, it's not forthcoming.

Town parking permit and 4×4 beach access fees to rise in 2020

Annual beach parking permit and 4x4 beach access fees will be rising this year.

Zeldin named to Trump impeachment defense team

First Congressional District Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) is one of eight Republican congressman named by President Trump to his impeachment defense team.
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