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‘This is not over’: New coronavirus cases hit six-week high in Suffolk

Suffolk's positive test rate climbed to 2.1% this week, with 102 new cases, the highest it's been in six weeks. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone urged everyone, especially people under 30 — who represented 42% of the new cases — to wear masks.

New York will allow some schools to reopen with masks, temperature checks and other restrictions this fall

New York State will allow schools in regions with low infection rates to bring students back to the classroom this fall, with a number of restrictions.

Local coronavirus numbers hold steady, as officials eye ‘alarming’ surge in other states

While new coronavirus infections and hospitalizations hold steady in New York, officials are watching an 'alarming increase' in new cases and deaths nationwide, Gov. Cuomo said yesterday.

Indoor shopping malls can reopen Friday on Long Island, Cuomo says

Indoor shopping malls can now reopen Friday in regions that have already entered Phase Four - including Long Island, which entered Phase 4 today.

New York adds Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma to two-week quarantine order

Travelers from Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma are now required to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York, bringing the total number of states in New York’s COVID-19 travel advisory to 19.

Nursing home coronavirus infections came from workforce, not hospital admissions, N.Y. State health department says

The report released Monday concludes that infections among nursing home staff and transmission of the virus from staff to residents played the predominant role in the spread of the virus and fatalities among nursing home residents — not hospital admissions.

‘Storm clouds on the horizon:’ With ongoing national surge, travelers from other states will bring the coronavirus to New York, governor...

“You’re going to have more and more people coming here with the virus. It’s going to happen," Cuomo said today. What happens next is up to residents and local governments.

New York imposes quarantine on anyone traveling from COVID hotspots, including Florida, Carolinas and Texas

The state will impose a quarantine on states with spiking coronavirus infections, including New York residents traveling back home.

Southampton supervisor: One of the state’s key reopening metrics is unfair to Long Island

All regions of the state should be on a level playing field when it comes to deciding when they're ready to reopen, but one key metric is fundamentally unfair to more populous regions like Long Island, according to Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.

With data trends continuing in the right direction, governor eases more restrictions

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced authorization for elective surgeries and ambulatory care at Nassau County hospitals and the beginning of a pilot program to allow visitors at 16 designated hospitals.
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