1. Zeldin announces leukemia diagnosis, treatment and ‘complete remission’.

Rep. Lee Zeldin said in a statement yesterday he was diagnosed with early chronic myeloid leukemia in November and has since achieved complete remission through targeted drug therapy for the disease.

2. Eddie Partridge takes final lap during memorial service at Riverhead Raceway Saturday.

Riverhead Raceway co-owner Eddie Partridge, who died on Sept. 10 at age 68, took his final laps around his track during a memorial ceremony Saturday.

3. Riverhead Police investigating reported robbery in Court Street parking lot Friday night.

The victim, a 51-year-old male, told police two men pushed him to the ground and demanded money. One displayed a knife while the other removed cash from his pants pocket, according to the report.

4. Identical twin cops retire after more than three decades in Riverhead Police Dept..

Lt. David Lessard and Sgt. Thomas Lessard walked out of Riverhead Police Department Headquarters for the last time as sworn officers Friday afternoon. In an interview. with RiverheadLOCAL they reflected on their three decades of service together.

5. Animal virus fatal to white-tailed deer confirmed in Suffolk and six other NY counties.

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease virus, which killed an estimated 1,500 deer in the Lower Hudson Valley last fall, is transmitted by biting midges (“no-see-ums.”) It is not transmissible to humans, according to the State DEC.

6. County sues Riverhead over sewer rate dispute.

Suffolk County has sued the Town of Riverhead over sewer rates established earlier this year for out-of-town users — which the county says is targeted at its facilities in Riverside.

7. Bus driver shortage complicates student transportation as schools reopen.

School bus drivers are a hot commodity. There's a nationwide shortage and the Riverhead school district has been struggling to recruit enough drivers to handle its transportation needs, Deputy Superintendent Sam Schneider told the Board of Education Tuesday night.

8. School board member asks district to support lawsuit against state mask mandate.

School board member Chris Dorr asked board members to write a letter of support for two Nassau County school districts suing to overturn the state's mask mandate in schools. Former schol board candidate Monique Parsons, on behalf of a new group called Save Our Schools-Riverhead, demanded the district become a plaintiff in the suit.

9. Why we should embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools.

DEI is a necessary component if we are to educate the next generation to understand the world around them. This is especially true on Long Island, which is one of the most segregated areas in the country. Featured letter from veteran educator

10. Riverhead Democrats say they’d push for more police funding if elected.

Democratic candidates for Riverhead Town Board say the Riverhead Police Department is under-resourced and, if elected, they'll push for more funding to hire more officers.

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