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Protecting our communities’ maritime infrastructure

Rep. Lee Zeldin discusses efforts to protect the coastline and coastal infrastructure in the wake of severe storms.

Open letter: Mr. Zeldin, whose interests do you represent?

Riverhead resident asks Rep. Lee Zeldin: Whose interests are you representing in Congress?

Why did the supervisor wait two years to respond to the town’s overcrowded housing problem?

Guest column by supervisor candidate Yvette Aguiar on housing issues and overcrowded schools.

Here’s what I’ve done about housing issues. My opposition? Cue the crickets

Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith outlines actions she's taken to address overcrowded housing.

Petition from ‘EPCALWatch’ group: Remove ‘undevelopable’ 1,000 acres from sale

By including this land in the contract without conservation protections, there is no definitive assurance that this land will forever be safe from development.

Christmas in October? You’ve gotta be kidding

Why are the stores pushing Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween? What's the rush?

Pink doesn’t save lives

As a woman diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at age 43, kindergarten teacher Keri Stromski speaks out about the need to raise money for research that matters: finding ways to prevent the spread of metastasis.

Communication is key to solving housing, school issues

The towns and school district need to keep an open line of communication to support to each other.

Why I’m running for county legislator

Republican candidate for county legislator in the Second Legislative District Linda Kabot argues for voters to unseat the incumbent Democrat, Bridget Fleming.

Zeldin’s call for bipartisan cooperation in Washington is pure hypocrisy

Rep. Lee Zeldin calls for bipartisan cooperation Washington, but his voting record and public statements show otherwise. Guest column by Steve Kramer
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