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More transparency needed in Riverhead

Riverhead needs an Open Data Policy that allows residents to access elected officials' financial disclosures online, free of charge. Guest column

Zeldin: N.Y. Justice Center not doing justice for people with special needs

While many workers do an outstanding job caring for individuals with disabilities in our communities, I have also heard many deeply disturbing...

Let’s recognize our similarities, respect our differences and build our community up

We all call Riverhead home. We all want the same things: family and good friends, a happy home, our health. We want to feel safe. We want our children to have a life as good, or better, than our own. Guest column from the Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force.

Q&A on a Riverhead Town flag refresh

John Fallot, who in May suggested a 'refresh' of the town flag, answers questions peope have asked about his idea.

Red light the ‘GreenLight New York’ madness

GreenLight NY, allowing undocumented residents to obtain driver's licenses will have many unintended consequences.
Alice Belmonte of Wading River in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Oct. 17, 2013. (RiverheadLOCAL file photo by Steve Hirsch)

The rest of the story behind Alice Belmonte’s sentencing

Husband of Wading River disbarred attorney convicted on state and federal grand larceny, forged instrument and wire fraud charges speaks out.

Complete rewrite of Riverhead’s master plan may not really be necessary

If just a few tweaks, patches and updates are necessary, let us, as residents, first look at those options instead of making an expensive commitment.

Zeldin: New laws will help veterans become homeowners in expensive Long Island market

Legislation will make mortgage financing easier and less expensive for veterans

Riverhead’s next master plan must attract new talent

Master planning is about more than just land use— it's about planning for the future we want as a community. Guest column by John Fallot

Why Riverhead must update its master plan — now

Will Riverhead be a town dominated by more big box stores, when we know retail is retreating? Will our hamlets become a litany of faceless strip malls, when we know there are already too many vacant storefronts? Will we value open space, or cut down every last tree in the name of “progress”? Guest column by Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith
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