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Can we go back to quiet?

There are some things you'd just rather not know about people.

Supervisor: This is a ‘pivotal’ time for Riverhead

"Progress can sometimes be a bitter pill if not metered with a larger vision." Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith argues for master plan update.

Republican supervisor candidate responds to ‘State of the Town’ speech

Republican supervisor candidate Yvette Aguiar's written response to Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith's 'State of the Town' address.

We destroyed the L.I. Sound in 50 years: an eyewitness account

The waters of the L.I. Sound were teeming with marine life in the 1950s and '60s. Today, it's a sewer of huge dead zones, thanks to chemical pollution, garbage, sewage and road runoff.

Assemblyman Fred Thiele: Why I support the Reproductive Health Act

Assemblyman Fred Thiele explains his support of the Reproductive Health Act, which codified Roe v. Wade in New York State law.

Supervisor: Main Street zoning needs changes and we want your input

It is time we implement zoning that allows for smart development. We need development that encourages mixed-use buildings and supports both commercial and residential development and enhances the feel of our downtown. Column by Laura Jens-Smith

Downtown Riverhead, then and now

The reality here is that the DC-1 zoning, as currently written, has worked and downtown Riverhead is seeing real revitalization and private investment.

Zeldin to FAA: ‘Listen up – It’s the law’

Rep. Lee Zeldin renews demand for FAA to comply with his legislation requiring a public hearing on the North Shore Helicopter Route and urges residents to submit their comments to the FAA online.

School board members must put aside personal agendas and work with our superintendent

Personal agendas are getting in the way of good policy decisions for the children of our school district.

Is our supervisor ‘qualified and eligible’?

Apparently, despite our (retired nurse) supervisor’s ongoing attempts to force a decision that Triple Five is not qualified and eligible to redevelop EPCAL, the...
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