Public notices

Notice of public hearing: Construction of a New Ground Storage Tank for Riverhead Water District

Event date: Jul 06, 2023

Order Calling for Public Hearing for the Construction of a New Ground Storage Tank at East Wind Drive, Wading River, New York, for the Riverhead Water District

Councilman Hubbard offered the following resolution, which was seconded by Councilman Beyrodt Jr.

WHEREAS, the Riverhead Water District (the “District”) has identified the need for the additional source and storage capacity to aid the District in meeting peak day and fire flow demands, as well as comply with recommended industry standards. Current standards recommend suppliers maintain enough storage to equal their average daily demand. With a historical average day demand of 8.32 million gallons per day (MGD) and 6.24 million gallons in available storage, the District maintains 1.62 MG less than the recommended available capacity by the regulatory standards. The District seeks to eliminate this deficit by constructing a new 2.5 MG pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank with accompanying booster facility at a new site on East Winds Drive in Wading River, New York. The new tank will not only cover current demands, but will provide limited future demands related to expansion of existing sites/ development projects or new development projects within the District or projects requiring a District extension, all subject to a purchase agreement by and between developer or property owner and the District and for remaining excess capacity in the ground storage tank. The cost to construct the new storage facility with land acquisition (valuation thereof), engineering fees and contingencies, is estimated at $6,560,000.

WHEREAS, the proposed new ground storage tank is located within the existing boundaries of the Riverhead Water District; and 

WHEREAS, a map and plan dated June 2023 has been prepared by H2M, consulting engineers to the Riverhead Water District, detailing the necessary measures, funding and costs associated with the Riverhead Water District having constructed a ground storage tank at East Winds Drive, Riverhead, New York; and 

WHEREAS, the map and plan is available for review and inspection at the Office of the Riverhead Town Clerk, 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, New York, during normal business hours; and  

WHEREAS, said map and plan recommends the Riverhead Water District (1) Design and construct a 2.5 MG pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank at the East Winds Drive site including booster station.  (2) Identify locations for new well sites, including the installation of test and monitoring wells to accurately identify sites with favorable formation and water quality. Based on historical and future demands, a minimum of two new sources are required, each capable of 1,200 GPM. (3) Purse modifications to existing well permits to allow for simultaneous pumping of the Plant No. 11 wells. (4) Proceed with the upgrade of Well. No. 2A. and (5) Continue to implement and promote water conservation aspects.

WHEREAS, in order to fund the capital costs associated with the construction of the tank, the Town has secured funding through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and has designated $2,000,000 towards the construction of this tank. In addition, the Town Board, as governing body of the District, has authorized the remainder of the funds necessary for the new above ground storage tank, designed with capacity to address present and future demands related to expansion of development or new development, to be used from District available fund balance and such funds to be repaid by purchase agreements by and between developer/property owner and the District for sale and purchase of the available excess capacity in the ground storage tank. Note, as set forth in the map and plan, a portion of the tank and its storage capacity estimated based upon gallonage of water required to meet the described purpose, demand and need, shall be reserved to the District and its ratepayers. The excess capacity shall be made available for sale on a first come first serve basis and shall be calculated on costs for construction of the tank, including land value, construction of tank, booster station, approval/permits to operate, and if deemed necessary improvements to supply well, divided by gallonage demand. All monies shall be reimbursed to the District fund balance; and 

WHEREAS, the proposed ground storage tank will be approximately 119 feet in diameter and have a maximum height of 40 feet. The tank will be partially buried to a depth of six feet, thus reducing the overall height. To construct the tank, significant clearing will be required. Based on the guidelines provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) in 6 NYCRR Part 617.4, the project does not meet or exceed the thresholds of a Type I project. The project, however, cannot be defined as a Type II action as defined by NYSDEC in 6 NYCRR Part 617.5. Therefore, the improvements proposed under this project are considered an Unlisted Action and should go through a formal coordinated review. In accordance with New York State Environmental Quality Review procedures, a short Environmental Assessment Form has been included with map and plan report as Appendix C.; and 

WHEREAS, the Town Board desires to call a public hearing on the adoption of a final order concerning the petition.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk be and is hereby authorized to publish and post a Notice of Public Hearing to be held on the 6thth day of July, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. at the Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, New York, to hear all interested persons with regard to the adoption of a final order concerning the design and construction of a new ground storage tank at East Winds Drive, Riverhead New York, as described in the preambles hereto and in more detail in the map and plan report,  utilizing the funding methods as indicated above in in more detail in the map and plan report; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk be and is hereby authorized to publish and post a copy of this resolution in full in the June 29, 2023 edition of The News Review; and be it further   

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all Town Hall Departments may review and obtain a copy of this resolution from the electronic storage device and if needed, a certified copy of same may be obtained from the Office of the Town Clerk.