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Public Notice: Town of Riverhead — proposed amendment to Article XIX — Chapter 301 entitled “Business CR (BUS CR) Zoning Use District (Rural Neighborhood Business)”

Event date: Jun 21, 2022

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing will be held before the Town Board of the Town of Riverhead at 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, New York on the 21st day of June, 2022, at 6:05 p.m. to consider a local law to amend Article XIX – Chapter 301 entitled “Article XIX. Business CR (BUS CR) Zoning Use District (Rural Neighborhood Business)” of the Riverhead Town Code.

Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Riverhead as follows:


Chapter 301. Zoning and Land Development

Part 2. Districts

Article XIX. Business CR (BUS CR) Zoning Use District (Rural Neighborhood Business)

  • 301-96. Uses.

In the Business CR Zoning Use District, no building, structure, or premises shall be used or arranged or designed to be used, and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, reconstructed, or altered, unless otherwise provided in this chapter, except for the following permitted uses or specially permitted uses and their customary accessory uses:

A. Permitted uses:

(1) Retail stores.

(2) Specialty food stores, wine shops and bakeries with retail sales on premises.

(3) Personal services.

(4) Restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and ice cream parlors.

(5) Professional offices.

(6) Professional studios and performing arts studios.

(7) Public libraries.

(8) Museums.

(9) Schools.

(10) Banks.

B. Special permit uses:

(1) Bed-and-breakfast establishments.

(2) Day-care centers or nursery schools.

(3) Country inns.

C. Accessory uses. Accessory uses shall include those uses customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses or specially permitted uses when located on the same lot. Specifically included are the following:

(1) Drive-through windows for restaurants, coffee shops and cafes with retail sales on premises, pharmacies and banks.

D. Prohibited uses:

(1) Buildings with a floor area exceeding 10,000 square feet.

(2) Drive-through windows serving restaurants.

(3) Car washes.

(4) (3) An automobile sales lot; motor vehicle sales room; public or private garage; or storage warehouse or wholesale establishment.

(5) (4)Any vending machine or amusement device located outside of any structure. This prohibition does not apply to electronic funds transfer facility substations.

(6) (5) Any display, storage or sale of goods, wares or merchandise outside of any structure in any area other than that indicated for such outdoor display, storage or sale on an approved site plan. Such display, storage or sale areas shall not encroach on any landscaped areas, parking areas or areas intended for customer access.

(7) (6) Flea markets.

(8) (7) Rolling or sliding security-type grilles and doors.

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Dated: June 7, 2022 

 Riverhead, New York