Public notices

Public Notice: Town of Riverhead — Zoning Board of Appeals meeting

Event date: Feb 11, 2021


NOTICE is hereby given that the Thursday, February 11, 2021 7:00 PM scheduled Zoning Board of Appeals meeting will be held using a phone-conferencing platform pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.1 regarding the “Open Meetings Law”, authorizing public meetings to be held remotely by conference call or similar service provided that the public has the ability to view or listen to such proceedings. Members of the public may listen to the meeting live by tuning into local channel 22. The meeting agenda and applications will be posted online and anyone with questions or comments may address the board during the meeting by accessing the conferencing link or dial-in information attached to the agenda. Please note that no members of the public may enter the Town Board room; all comments/questions must be addressed via Zoom. The Zoning Board meeting will be recorded and later transcribed. Minutes will be produced. 

7:00pm,prevailing time, Appeal 2021-001 – 599 Peconic LLC – 599 Peconic Bay Boulevard, Jamesport – SCTM No. 600-87-2-18 – RB40 Zoning – for variances and/or relief from Chapter 301 Section 17 where existing lot width is 60.63’ and minimum required is 100’; where side yards are 3.2’ and 23.8’ and minimum required is 25’ and 30’, respectively; where rear yard setback is 45.2’ and minimum required is 60’; where proposed impervious surface is 19.9% and maximum permitted is 15%; Section 15A(1)(a) where proposed garage and pool house located in front yard which is not permitted; Section 15A(1)(b) where pool is 5.2’ from property line and minimum required is 20’; where pool house is 4.9’ from property line and minimum required is 20’; and where frame garage is 5.3’ from property line and minimum required is 20’.

7:00pm,prevailing time, Appeal 2021-002 – Argadash Inc – 1356 Old Country Road, Riverhead – SCTM No. 600-108-2-7 – BC Zoningfor variances and/or relief from Chapter 301 Section 249 G(3) where canopy signs are 32” and 42” in height and maximum permitted is 6”; Section 249 H(4) where freestanding sign is 19’5” in height and 72.86 SF and maximum permitted is 15’ and 48 SF, respectively; Section 249 H(5) where sign is located 14’ from front property line and 11’ from side property line and minimum required is 15’ and 25’, respectively.

7:00pm,prevailing time, Appeal 2021-003 – John P. Hunter – 137 Meetinghouse Creek Road, Aquebogue – SCTM No. 600-113-2-1 – RB80 Zoningfor variances and/or relief from Chapter 301 Section 31 where proposed side yard setback is 12’ and minimum required is 30’; where proposed combined side yard setback is 32.1’ and minimum required is 65’; and, where impervious surface is 25.89% and maximum permitted is 15%.