Public notices

Public Notice: Town of Riverhead — Zoning Board of Appeals meeting

Event date: Jun 24, 2021


NOTICE is hereby given that the Thursday, June 24, 2021 7:00 PM scheduled Zoning Board of Appeals meeting will be held at Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Ave, Riverhead, NY. Members of the public may attend the meeting in-person on a limited basis subject to current COVID-19 guidelines. All may listen to the meeting live by tuning into local channel 22. The meeting agenda will be posted online.

7:00pm,prevailing time, Appeal 2021-025 – David Coppi – 1455 Sound Avenue, Calverton –SCTM No. 600-59-2-3.1–APZ Zoningfor variances and/or relief from Chapter 301 Section 37 A(1)(c) where proposed side yard and rear yard are 15.9 ft. and 19 ft., respectively, and minimum required for an accessory structure is 20 ft.

7:00pm,prevailing time, Appeal 2021-028 – Patricia Panchak – 70 Park Road, Riverhead – SCTM No. 600-16-3-5 – RA40 Zoningfor variances and/or relief from Chapter 301 Section 11 where proposed impervious surface coverage is 44.5% and maximum permitted is 15% (project reduces current impervious surface which is presently 49.1%); where proposed side yard setback is 7.5 ft. to dwelling and 6.8 ft. to the proposed deck and minimum required is 25 ft. for principal structures and 20 ft. for accessory structures; where proposed front yard is 19.6 ft. to the roofed-over unenclosed porch and 22.9 ft. to the dwelling and minimum required is 50 ft.; where proposed rear yard setback is 29.5 ft. and minimum required is 60 ft.; and, where proposed detached garage is 5 ft. from the rear and side property lines and minimum required is 20 ft.