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Public notice: Town of Riverhead — Notice of adoption to amend chapter 231 of the town code


 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town Board of the Town at Riverhead adopted a local law to amend Chapter 231, entitled “Fire Prevention” of the Riverhead Town Code Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, New York, at its regular meeting held on August 21, 2018.

Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Riverhead as follows:


Fire Prevention

Article III: Administration

231-9 Installation permits; operational permits; fees.

  1. Operational permits.

(1) Application for any operational fire-prevention permits shall be made to the Fire Marshal on forms provided by the Town Fire Marshal. Such forms shall be in accordance with § 231-8D(1) and contain information as may be reasonably required by the Fire Marshal or CEO to establish compliance with the applicable codes, ordinances and regulations.

(2) Operational permits will remain valid indefinitely, provided the permit holder allows an annual inspection, or triennial inspection pursuant to Article XXV, and corrects all violations observed therein, pays the annual fee, and meets all other provisions of this chapter

  1. Installation and operational fire-prevention permit fees. The Town Board has determined fire prevention fees shall be as follows:

(2) Operational permit fees.

(a) Operational permits required by Article XVI, Storage and Handling of Combustible Materials: $30.

(b) Operational permits required by Article X, Automobile Wrecking Yards, Junkyards and Waste Material Handling Plants: $55.

(c) Operational permits required by Article XI, Dry-Cleaning Plants: $45.

(d) Operational permits required by Article XII, Explosives: $150 for the first 1,000 gallons or pounds and $0.01 per gallon or pound in excess thereof.

(e) Operational permits required by Article XIV, Flammable and Combustible Liquids:

[1] Storage: $180 for the first 10,000 gallons and $0.01 per gallon in excess thereof.

[2] Mobile fueling: $200 for each location.

(f) Operational permits required by Article XV, Automotive Repair Facilities: $45.

(g) Operational permits required by Article IX, Hazardous Chemicals and Materials: $200 for the first 1,000 gallons or pounds and $0.01 per gallon or pound in excess thereof.

(h) Operational permits required by Article XX, Liquefied Petroleum Gases:

[1] General storage/use: $180 for the first 2,000 gallons’ water capacity and $0.01 per gallon in excess thereof.

[2] Retail filling station: $200.

(i) Operational permits required by Article XVII, Lumberyards and Woodworking Plants: $75.

(j) Operational permits required by Article XXI, Places of Assembly: no fee $150.

(k) Operational permits required by Article XVIII, Welding and Cutting: $35.

(l) Operational permits required by Article XIII, Fireworks:

[1] Fireworks display: $200.

[2] Manufacture, assembly and storage of fireworks: $250.

(m) Operational permits required by Article XIX, Hot-Tar Roof Work and Torch-Applied Roofing for Building Roof Repairs and Installation: $25.

(n) Tents. Applicants for permits to erect a tent on commercial/industrial properties will be required to submit a certificate that the tent is made of flame-resistive materials. The fee shall be as follows:

[1] First tent 400 square feet to 1,000 square feet: $175.

[2] First tent greater than 1,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet: $200.

[3] First tent greater than 5,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet: $225.

[4] First tent greater than 10,000 square feet: $250.

[5] Each additional tent: $125.

(o) Operational permits for any other use, process or operation as required by the New York State Code: $50.

(p) Operational permits required by Article XXV, Fire Safety and Property Maintenance: $50.

Article XXV: Fire Safety and Property Maintenance Inspections (Triennials).

231-67 Permit Required.

No place of nonresidential occupancy (commercial occupancies) shall be maintained, operated or used as such without a permit issued pursuant to this chapter. All such occupancies must be inspected at least once every three years to ensure proper maintenance of fire protective services and equipment, building features and fire service access. This triennial requirement does not preempt or preclude other necessary operational permits as required by this chapter.

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Dated: Riverhead, New York

           August 21, 2018