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Head to our archive for public notices prior to April 2018.

Public Notices

Public Notice: Town of Riverhead – charter coach transportation bids

Sealed bids for “CHARTER COACH TRANSPORTATION 2019-2020” for the Town of Riverhead will be received by the Office of the Town Clerk at Riverhead Town Hall on or before 11:00 am on November 26, 2019, at which time they will be publicly opened and ...

Public Notice: Town of Riverhead – notice of estoppel – wellhead treatment

The bond resolution, a summary of which is published herewith, has been adopted on March 19, 2019 and ratified and reapproved on November 6, 2019, and the validity of the obligations authorized by such resolution may be hereafter contested only if such obligations were authorized for an object or purpose for which the Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, is not authorized to exp...

Public Notice: Town of Riverhead – water service material bids

Sealed bids for the purchase of WATER SERVICE MATERIALS will be received by the Town Clerk December 5, 2019 at which time all bids will be opened and publicly r...