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Calverton Aviation & Technology

RV park pitched for EPCAL is ‘dead in the water’

by Apr 2, 2024
The RV park pitched for a 165-acre portion of the EPCAL site in Calverton, which would include a 100-acre manmade lake, does not have the support of the Riverhead Town Board, the supervisor said today.

Court dismisses civil racketeering complaint against Triple Five, removes company chairman from ‘counterfeit’ hand sanitizer lawsuit

by Apr 1, 2024
A federal court has dismissed civil racketeering charges against Triple Five Worldwide and members of the Ghermezian family and threw out charges that the defendants violated rules of corporate governance that could have led to personal liability in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Sizing up CAT’s lawsuit against Riverhead

by Mar 4, 2024
“Once you get past procedural sleights of hand, lawyers who are good at their craft succeed by persuading judges and juries that, on the facts, finding for their client is the right thing to do.” Attorney Andrew Leven says CAT’s story may be the worst he’s ever heard. Column.

Why Calverton Aviation & Technology filed an amended complaint in its suit against Riverhead

by Mar 1, 2024
Calverton Aviation & Technology has filed an amended complaint in its breach of contract action against the Town of Riverhead to correct a procedural defect. The amended complaint was filed with the consent of the town.

Riverhead hires special counsel to defend lawsuit by Calverton Aviation & Technology

by Feb 5, 2024
Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman of Hauppauge was hired by RIverhead to represent the town and the Riverhead IDA in the lawsuit filed last month by Calverton Aviation & Technology seeking to enforce its purchase agreement with the town for 1,644 acres of vacant industrial land in Calverton.

Preparing to defend EPCAL contract litigation, Town Board interviews four law firms

by Feb 1, 2024
Supervisor Tim Hubbard called a special Town Board work session behind closed doors Monday to interview law firms for the job of representing the town in what may be the most consequential litigation it has ever faced.

Riverhead supervisor: ‘No turning back’ on the termination of $40 million Calverton land deal

by Jan 18, 2024
Supervisor Tim Hubbard said the town will not settle with Calverton Aviation & Technology or renegotiate a contract with the Triple five affiliate. "That was a bad deal from day one," he said at a civic meeting Saturday.

Proposed code revision would ban cargo, passenger flights and flight training and some other aviation uses at Calverton

by Dec 1, 2023
A proposed amendment to the Planned Development District, the zoning that applies to the vacant land outside of the “industrial core” portion...

CAT says it has asked Riverhead to reverse its decision, move ahead with sale of EPCAL land

by Dec 1, 2023
Calverton Aviation and Technology has reached out to Riverhead officials in an effort to move forward with the purchase of vacant industrial land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, despite the Town Board declaring the contract “null and void,” the company said in a statement.

Triple Five threatens to sue Riverhead Town over EPCAL contract

by Oct 26, 2023
'CAT Triple Five has the legal right to develop this property,' a company spokesperson said, calling it 'tragic' that the town has 'diverted' the future of Calverton 'to the court house for what will likely be years to come.'