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Calverton Aviation & Technology

Riverhead IDA board members question Calverton Aviation & Technology about its finances

by Aug 25, 2023
Riverhead Industrial Development Agency board members on Wednesday questioned representatives of the Triple Five affiliate in contract to buy more than 1,600 acres at Calverton Enterprise Park from Riverhead Town about the company’s finances, bringing what has primarily been a closed-door vetting process out into the public eye.

Riverhead IDA announces Aug. 23 public information session to discuss finances with EPCAL buyer

by Aug 20, 2023
Calverton Aviation & Technology will attend another public information session with the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency to discuss plans for the EPCAL site, the Riverhead IDA announced in a press release issued last night.

Believe your own eyes and ears — not the version of ‘reality’ EPCAL developer wants you to believe

by Aug 14, 2023
CAT has been conducting a gaslighting campaign since its Sept. 21 presentation to the Riverhead IDA sparked public outcry over a proposed air cargo use at the EPCAL facility in Calverton.

The EPCAL debacle rolls on for the worst of reasons

by Aug 8, 2023
Guest column: What was actually revealed last night was an unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious: that our current decision-makers lack the confidence and competency to either own or fix the problem that is EPCAL. With a staggeringly bad result.

EPCAL buyers work to distance themselves from air cargo hub plan, but residents remain skeptical

by Aug 8, 2023
“I personally apologize for the confusion that was created when it [an air cargo hub] was referenced by a professional consultant as a hypothetical concept of full buildout,” Calverton Aviation & Technology CEO Justin Ghermezian told the Riverhead IDA board at the Aug. 8, 2023 public information meeting. Residents stepped to the podium to say they didn't believe the applicant's re-characterization of the plans presented last September.

Riverhead must say ‘no’ to an air cargo hub at EPCAL

by Aug 4, 2023
Officials can require the developer to file covenants ensuring that this property will never be used for air cargo. Let's protect our environment and use our industrial land and public dollars to support employers that will benefit local workers. Long Island can have good jobs and clean air.

Calverton Aviation & Technology to provide update on its ‘current vision’ for EPCAL project at Riverhead IDA meeting next Monday

by Jul 31, 2023
Representatives from Calverton Aviation & Technology will update the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency and Riverhead residents on their current vision for the proposed project at Calverton Enterprise Park on Monday, Aug. 7, immediately following the regular IDA meeting. A public comment period will be provided.

Triple Five executive: ‘No cargo jetport for Calverton’

by Jul 11, 2023
Guest column: Calverton Aviation & Technology CEO Justin Ghermezian says the company "will continue to work with the town to create a plan" for EPCAL consistent with the town's vision for the site and "these development plans will not include a cargo jetport."

Hubbard says he won’t let EPCAL become a cargo jetport, believes purchaser will soon unveil modified plans, and casts doubt on...

by Jul 5, 2023
Hubbard said even though the proposal may comply with zoning, "it's not anything we're ever going to let happen." He also said he expects CAT to present modified plans to the IDA and said he's not sure the IDA will approve the application for financial assistance anyway.

Discussion of potential air cargo hub in Calverton draws another crowd to civic meeting

by May 19, 2023
Last night more than 100 people — 92 in person and 20 via Zoom — attended a Greater Calverton Cvic Association meeting to hear a presentation by EPCAL Watch on plans being advanced by Triple Five Group for a cargo logistics hub development at the enterprise park.