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Calverton Aviation & Technology

Buyer reaffirms its commitment to purchase town’s acreage in Calverton, offers to release second $500,000 down payment

by May 27, 2020
The purchaser in the $40 million land deal with Riverhead Townhas waived its right to terminate the contract of sale with the town for another year, to allow Riverhead time to obtain approvals required to finalize its land subdivision and close the sale. It has also offered to release a $500,000 contract down payment currently being held in escrow.

Triple Five brings in a new business developer with expertise in technology for EPCAL project

by May 19, 2020
Calverton Aviation & Technology is ready to close on its $40 million land deal with the Riverhead Town Community Development Agency and move forward with the development of the site, according to the company’s attorney, Christopher Kent.

COVID-19 should not diminish our democracy but should terminate the EPCAL deal

by Apr 14, 2020
We need an open and live discussion by board members with town residents about the EPCAL deal, including of potential termination next month. Any inclination by some board members to move ahead behind windows shaded by our health crisis must be resisted.

Council members want more information about status of Calverton land deal

by Mar 4, 2020
Riverhead Town Board members say they want more information about where the town stands with its $40 million sale of 1,644 acres of vacant industrial land in Calverton.

On the future of EPCAL, how can there still be so many unanswered questions?

by Mar 3, 2020
CAT has yet to tell the town what any of its specific intentions for development are. So, how is the town going to answer the DEC’s questions, get the DEC permit and file a final map by its deadline?

Drone-maker seeks ‘temporary’ use of Calverton runway for test flights

by Feb 25, 2020
ULC Robotics was introduced to the town board in October as a potential tenant in the planned industrial park proposed by Calverton Aviation and Technology.

Hubbard says he’s ready (again) to hire law firm for EPCAL contract review

by Jun 3, 2019
The on-again, off-again resolution hiring a new outside counsel to advise the town on the EPCAL land deal is on again.

EPCAL, Luminati, Triple Five: so many questions we shouldn’t be asking

by Jun 2, 2019
It's been more than two months since the town learned of Luminati Aerospace's mounting legal and financial troubles — and CEO Daniel Preston's intention to move his operation off Long Island. Where does that leave the town? We still don't know.

Public hearing on EPCAL sale will go on; town board sets Feb. 27 hearing date

by Feb 7, 2018
The public hearing on the proposed purchase of 1,643 acres of land at the Calverton Enterprise Park by an aviation startup company will be held on Feb. 27 beginning at 7 p.m.

EPCAL sale contract made public in advance of next month’s hearing

by Dec 29, 2017
The proposed contract of sale was filed in the town clerk's office for public review yesterday. Here's a rundown of its terms and a copy of the document filed in the clerk's office.