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Cardboard boat race

Disappointed cardboard boat race fans hold ‘outlaw’ race of their own Sunday

With little fanfare and only a small knot of friends to cheer them on, disappointed cardboard boat race fans staged their own "outlaw" race this morning in downtown Riverhead.

Town cancels cardboard boat race for 2016 — angry event organizer reacts

Town officials say the organizers' 'hectic schedules' made picking new date impossible, but ex-councilman George Gabrielsen whose family powered the event since its founding six years ago, tells a different story.

Riverhead postpones cardboard boat race; new date yet to be determined

The annual event, which had been set for Sunday, June 26, won't take place that day because the tide will be too low that afternoon — and concerns about water quality.

Worried about a possible fish kill, Riverhead may postpone its annual cardboard boat race until end of July

Concern that the potential for another massive fish kill lingers, town officials discuss postponing for a month the annual cardboard boat race.