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Meet Riverhead Town’s newest centenarian, Arlene Doroszka

by Sep 18, 2023
Arlene Doroszka credits genetics for here longevity and good health. But those who know the vibrant 100-year-old say she's kept fit and healthy by remaining active, spending time outdoors, where she enjoys gardening and yard work.

‘Just lucky to be here’: Riverhead woman celebrates 100 years with drinks, rock and roll at American Legion bar

by May 10, 2018
While today was her birthday, a celebration tonight was just a preview of the main event coming up on Saturday night at the legion hall, where  more than 80 guests will help Dorothy Janowicz celebrate the beginning of her second century of life. Sto lat!

She’s a perfect 100: Riverhead woman celebrates a century of life

by Apr 23, 2018
“I’m a hundred years old! Can you believe that? I can’t believe it!” Actually, she doesn’t look a day over 80, maybe 75. And she acts like a young 75, too. “People ask me how it feels to be 100. I tell them it felt better to be 99."