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Appellate court upholds county’s farmland preservation changes allowing a host of contested uses

Corn mazes and agritainment, greenhouses, processing facilities and commercial horse boarding operations are among uses 'sufficiently related to agricultural production' and therefore permitted on preserved farmland, an Appellate Division panel ruled yesterday.

With its own farmland rules struck down by court, Suffolk County turns to State Legislature for help

Pending legislation in Albany would allow on preserved farmland any development or activity included in the definition of "farm operation" under the state Ag & Markets Law.

Opinion: Amper responds to criticism of opposition to Kent shelter plans

I’ve been working for more than 25 years to protect water quality and preserve open space. I’ve rarely experienced the kind and degree of...

Opinion: Richard Amper on Kent shelter plans- ‘He doth protest too much!’

Op-ed by George Goode: Richard Amper's hyperbole about the Kent Animal Shelter is the kind of spectacle that's made people lose respect for our political system, where a special interest group can tie our government in knots. Here's why he's wrong, point by point.