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Riverhead Police Department

Identity theft and fraud complaints rose sharply in Riverhead in the first three months of 2021

Complaints about identity theft in the first quarter of 2021 were nearly equal to the identity theft complaints logged by Riverhead Police for the entire year last year

Riverhead Police Lt. Rick Boden retires after more than 35 years of service

The Riverhead Police Department retired another veteran officer and member of its top brass today. Lt. Rick Boden retired after more than 35 years of service to the department. He served the last 24 years as a lieutenant.

Passing a stopped school bus will cost you when stop-arm camera ‘warning’ period ends May 1

Drivers illegally pass stopped school buses more often than you think, according to Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller. He said cameras installed on school buses caught about 250 vehicles in the past month disobeying the law. When a warning period expires May 1, violations will cary a minimum $250 penalty.

Riverhead Police seek witnesses to crash involving police car

Riverhead Town Police are seeking witnesses to a crash involving a marked police car yesterday evening at about 5:35 p.m. on Roanoke Avenue and Lincoln Street.

Police reform: Riverhead Town Board members endorse body cameras, pledge to ‘find funding’ for them; final police reform plan adopted

Riverhead Town Board members said they support requiring police officers to wear body cameras and will look for a way to pay for it. The board unanimously adopted a final police reform plan March 29.

Video: Riverhead salutes longtime sergeant on his last day of active duty

"This department will always be family to me. I love my job and I will miss you guys always," Sgt. Tim Palmer told his fellow officers as he left police headquarters at the end of his last shift.

Sergeant’s retirement marks the end of an era in Riverhead Police Department

At the end of Sgt. Tim Palmer's shift Friday afternoon, the Riverhead Police Department will not have a Palmer in its ranks for the first time in 68 years.

Riverhead Police Report: February 2021

Riverhead Town Police monthly stats for February 2021: calls, arrests, MVA and more.

Riverhead releases its police reform plan

The police reform and reinvention plan is the product of a months-long effort by a town advisory panel to assess police practices and polices and make recommendations for reforms.

Fast action by police officer saves life of choking infant

Riverhead Police Sgt. Jill Kubetz rushed to the scene of a local day care this morning after a 911 call came in about a choking child. She was able to dislodge a LEGO block that had fully obstructed the airway of the child, who was just under a year old.