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Triple Five

Civic group coalition files ethics complaint against Giglio over private meeting with applicant in EPCAL land deal

The complaint says the councilwoman’s “private meeting” with the prospective purchasers impairs her ability to act impartially in the application. Giglio vehemently denies any wrongdoing in taking the meeting, which she says was simply exercising "due diligence" in reviewing the proposal.

The sale of EPCAL makes fiscal sense for the Town of Riverhead — here’s why

Financially, Riverhead's back is against the wall. The town needs to sell the former Grumman site — and not just for the sale proceeds.

A public official’s ‘poor choice’ has real consequences for all of us

Column: Councilwoman Jodi Giglio's 'poor choice' to conduct a private meeting with developers in a proposed massive land deal can't be undone and warrants her recusal from further deliberations and vote.

Giglio defends private meeting with Triple Five reps without town board’s knowledge

After coming under fire for meeting privately in New York City with representatives of the company seeking to buy the rest of the town’s vacant land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, Councilwoman Jodi Giglio gave an account of the meeting to the rest of the town board during Thursday’s work session.

Town releases documents from EPCAL buyer in advance of Monday Q&E hearing

Riverhead Town today posted online numerous documents submitted by attorneys for Triple Five Realty/Calverton Aviation and Technology.

‘Uncle Riverhead’ warns town board members to tread carefully on Q&E

Town board members should not have any private, off-the-record contact with the EPCAL applicants while the Q&E hearing is pending.

After four-hour meeting with Triple Five in NYC, Giglio reconsidering EPCAL proposal

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio said she now believes company has “the experience and the wherewithal” to develop the site as an aviation technology center.

Calverton Aviation and Technology to give ‘EPCAL 2.0’ presentation to local business groups next week

Attendance for the 'business to business' presentation on March 7 by the company seeking to buy 1,644 acres of land in the Calverton Enterprise Park is limited to members of the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce, Riverhead Rotary, Riverhead BID, North Fork Promotion Council and Eastern Long Island Executives.

Solar power company withdraws lawsuit over proposed EPCAL land sale

The lawsuit, which sought to set aside a letter of intent between the town and Luminati Aerospace, became moot when the defendants conceded the letter of intent is no longer valid, according to the attorney for sPower. The town is free to entertain better offers than the current $40 million bid.

Sage advice from ‘Uncle Riverhead’: Let’s hit the pause button on EPCAL deal

An imaginary uncle drops in on the Riverhead Town Board to give board members advice on how not to blow the biggest decision they'll likely ever have to make. Column by Greg Blass