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To the Editor:

Why in the world we want to model our beautiful North Fork after anything on the South Fork? Who is getting paid off on this one?

Modeling the South Jamesport beach after Meschutt Beach is a terrible idea! Obviously, anyone who thinks it is a good idea doesn’t live near South Jamesport beach. If certain Riverhead residents enjoy going to Meschutt Beach, let them go. But leave our local beaches out of it.

South Jamesport Beach is a quiet, family beach. Just the perfect kind of beach that should make Riverhead Town very proud. To spoil this beach with drinking, music, trash and the like, does not take the local residents into consideration at all.

Based on Councilman Hubbard’s description, crowds of up to 60 people would be descending on the small local beach. He described an atmosphere of people drinking while their toddlers played on the beach and then driving off after last call. Is this a situation the town looks to promote? In addition, there is discussion that the trash created would be left overnight. Anyone who lives in this area knows it is full of wildlife, all of which would be attracted to the leftover food and mess.

Councilman Hubbard has taken what was a simple idea of re-opening the concession stand for local beachgoers, and turned it into what has the potential to affect every resident in the surrounding area. The idea that a decibel level of only eighty will be maintained is unrealistic. To be heard over the wind alone, let alone any crowd noise would require a much higher volume. Since it is easy for the sound to carry in the area, it would easily become a nuisance.

Saying it is a pilot program is not a sufficient guarantee that it will stop if it proves to be a disaster. As we have seen time and again, when the Town allows something, they are usually unwilling to take it back or stop it. The business will argue about the cost of their investment and members of the Town Board will listen to them. All while the residents of Riverhead suffer.

The additional boat and people traffic going in and out of the marina would be a nightmare. The additional traffic on Peconic Bay Boulevard would be horrible.

Councilman Hubbard please, please, please, don’t spoil the magnificent North Fork!

Beth Nehls

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