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School budget rollout begins, while state aid questions remain unanswered

Riverhead School district officials discussed the property tax levy cap and certain expenditures during their initial presentation of the 2020-2021 operating budget last week.

‘P.S. I Love You Day’ focuses kids on kindness, positivity and love

Kids throughout the Riverhead school district wore purple and spread positive messages in the hope of stopping bullying and preventing suicide.

Kindergarteners at Aquebogue treat and diagnose their teddy bear friends

Kindergarteners from Aquebogue Elementary School adorned surgical masks and rubber gloves to treat and diagnose their stuffed animals when Stony Brook Hospital's...

Riverhead Charter School wants to expand, but dozens object at contentious public hearing

Emotions ran high at a contentious public hearing Tuesday night on a proposed expansion by the Riverhead Charter School—which has submitted an application to the New York State Department of Education to revise its charter and increase its enrollment capacity from 787 to 1,037 students over the next two years.

Riverhead auto tech students take two of three top spots in state contest

Riverhead auto tech teams placed second and third at the state auto tech competition yesterday in Queens.

Students at Riley Avenue Elementary School raise money for Australia’s fire relief fund

Riley Avenue's students spent hours making more than 700 origami "Kindness Koala" bookmarks to sell and donate the proceeds for Australia's fire...

Roanoke students send veterans their love for Valentine’s Day

SSgt. Christopher Clay of the 106th Rescue Wing, an Air Force veteran who served in the Middle East, visited with the student council at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School Monday and received a box of Valentines made by students for veterans.

NYSUT officials on ‘Fund Our Future’ tour in Riverhead hear about overcrowded, under-resourced public schools

Riverhead administrators, teachers, staff, PTO leaders and parents spoke frankly to NYSUT officials about the real consequences of the district's foundation aid deficit.

Riverhead students step up to the Great Kindness Challenge

Students created cards for seniors at the Flanders Senior Center and collected “kind coins” as part of a fundraiser to build a school in Mexico, along with many other random acts of kindness during the Great Kindness Challenge this week.

Three additional community meetings set before school district’s Feb. 25 bond vote

The Riverhead school district will air its expansion plans at three additional community meetings before the Feb. 25 bond vote.
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