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COVID shutdown did not feather school district’s nest, officials say

There was no stash of unspent funds left over when the books were closed on the 2019-2020 school year in Riverhead.

Riverhead Middle School staff member tests positive for COVID-19

A Riverhead Middle School instructional staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. Twenty-nine students who were in contact with the staff member were instructed to stay home today and tomorrow, pending further guidance from the county health department,

Riverhead Mobile School Pantry to re-open

To ensure that all local families in the Riverhead Central School District have food, the school district and Long Island Cares has...

Riverhead welcomes new middle school assistant principal

Riverhead Middle School has a new assistant principal. The school board last month appointed Jeannine Campbell of Sayville to the post, effective Oct. 1.

Riverhead school board looks to eliminate live public comments on agenda items

If the policy is approved by the board, public comments and questions on agenda items will have to be submitted in writing to the district clerk prior to the start of the meeting and will be read aloud by the district clerk during the meeting.

Riverhead school board member says he is “embarrassed to be from Riverhead”

“I’ve never been so embarrassed to be from Riverhead or call myself a Blue Wave as I have these past couple of months. It’s disgusting.” Riverhead school board member Chris Dorr last night denounced the community for twice voting down the school budget and the school board for refusing to fund at least some of the district’s sports and extracurricular clubs this fall.

Riverhead notified of two confirmed COVID cases at Aquebogue Elementary School

The Riverhead Central School District was notified by the county health department over the holiday weekend that two students at Aquebogue Elementary School have tested positive for COVID-19.

Excitement amidst uncertainty: A new school year begins in Riverhead

It was back to school for 5,531 Riverhead Central School District students this week, where 84% of the districts students are returning to classrooms part-time, and 16% are enrolled for virtual-only instruction.

School board postpones decision on funding sports, other extracurriculars until after auditor’s report is produced

The fate of sports, musical performances and clubs in the Riverhead Central School District remains up in the air after a divided school board last night voted to wait to make a decision until it receives an auditor's report later this month.

Riverhead school board to hold special meeting Monday evening

The Riverhead School Board will hold a special meeting Monday evening via Zoom. Here's how to watch and comment.
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