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Riverhead athletes sign letters of intent

Thirteen Riverhead High School seniors signed letters of intent with colleges Nov. 15. Courtesy photo: Riverhead Central School District

Top middle schoolers recognized at ceremony

More than 20 students from Riverhead Middle School were presented awards at a students of the month ceremony. Students...

School board to hold another series of public forums on facilities plans

Board of education president Greg Meyer said the board would announce the new dates before Thanksgiving.

New assistant principal at Pulaski; high school music teacher named fine arts director

The school board on Tuesday night appointed Callan Lonergan as assistant principal of Pulaski Street School and Jason Rottkamp as the district's director of fine arts.

Riverhead schools face a looming teacher shortage, and they’re holding an event to encourage new educators

With teacher shortages on the horizon, Riverhead Central School District is hosting a Take a Look at Teaching summit at the end of this month.

Riverhead High School to lose popular veteran Latin teacher

Popular Riverhead High School Latin teacher Dr. Jeff Greenberger is retiring in December.

School district finalizes capital bond proposal

School officials plan to put two propositions up for a vote in February: an $85.9 million bond for facilities upgrades and expansion and an $8.8 million bond for athletic facilities improvements.

Riverhead Middle School students practice mindfulness in new health program

Riverhead Middle School students are learning stress management skills as part of a new mindfulness program led by health teacher Lindsay Lindenbaum....

Riverhead student custodian recognized

The Riverhead Central School District Board of Education acknowledged the hard work of Riverhead High School student Jerome Gilliam III at their meeting on Oct. 22.

Riverhead Peacemakers plan kindness initiatives

Throughout the months of October and November, these Riverhead fourth-graders are visiting classrooms to read“The Juice Box Bully” to fellow students.
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