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People around Riverhead are always telling us they don’t know what they’d do without us here to keep them informed. We appreciate that so much. Unfortunately, too many communities across NY have no local news source reporting on local issues. And the numbers keep shrinking.

This ‘stealthy and secretive’ move gave residents one more reason to lose trust in local government

The Town Board's last-minute attempt to slip the adoption of a controversial local law onto its meeting agenda Tuesday gave residents one more reason to lose trust in local government.

‘Mega-warehouse’ is a ‘harbinger of doom’ for local residents

Guest column: Make no mistake. This is no ordinary warehouse. This is a mega-warehouse, the kind that stretches for acres and dwarfs everything in its surroundings. Some may see it as a sign of progress and economic growth. I see it as a harbinger of doom for local residents.

Now that the dream is over…

Guest column: It wasn’t Dr. King’s dream that America was afraid of, it was the fact that he woke up. Then he became a threat. America wants you to only remember the dream. As always, America “white-washes” our history and rewrites it in such a way to generate an outcome conducive to its status quo.

A ‘high cube’ logistic center is not a traditional warehouse, but Riverhead is pretending it is. The consequences will be irreversible.

Riverhead is assessing potential impacts of the proposed Riverhead Logistics Center, a 15-acre 'high-cube' warehouse, as if it’s a traditional storage facility, as opposed to a potential e-commerce fulfillment center — a dreadful mistake that could have irreversible consequences.

Board members don’t seem to care about residents’ opinions

Dear Editor, My husband and I have been attending Planning Board meetings and Town Board meetings since September...

Tell Albany: This is no time to cut funding to prevent hunger in our communities

Food banks and pantries document the rising needs of low-income households in reports they must file to obtain state funding. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $227 billion executive budget demonstrates that the administration either isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care. RiverheadLOCAL editorial

To improve Riverhead’s image, we must do a better job of keeping streets and private properties clean

Guest column: People associate excessive litter with lack of social control and management, which breeds a sense of insecurity. The perception of Riverhead is that it is dirty and dangerous. 

‘Grateful every day’

A heartfelt thank you to RiverheadLOCAL for the rebuttal concerning our great town of Riverhead and surrounding hamlets.

Yes, Riverhead is a great place to visit. And it’s a great place to live.

We weren't surprised by some comments when Riverhead was named to Forbes' “Top 50 Places to Visit in 2023.” May we suggest a reality check? Take a drive. Go for a walk. You live in a beautiful place. Let go of your preconceptions and view it with fresh eyes. Be a tourist in your home town.