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Laughter is the medicine for what ails us

Laughter is good for us and may even provide healing refuge in a culture where arguments and attacks prevail.

The power of forgiveness in an unforgiving world

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping that it will kill your enemies.” - Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly 30 years in prison for anti-apartheid activism, shown here shaking hands with State President of South Africa Frederik de Klerk in 1992.

Why did the supervisor wait two years to respond to the town’s overcrowded housing problem?

Guest column by supervisor candidate Yvette Aguiar on housing issues and overcrowded schools.

To err is human — to really screw things up requires a Facebook algorithm

Stuck with the unintended consequences of Facebook's profanity filter algorithm.

Here’s what I’ve done about housing issues. My opposition? Cue the crickets

Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith outlines actions she's taken to address overcrowded housing.

Alexei Leonov, space artist and pioneer

Trailblazing voyager cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, 85, the first person to walk in space (in March 1965) died Oct. 11 — as two astronauts worked outside the International Space Station.

Petition from ‘EPCALWatch’ group: Remove ‘undevelopable’ 1,000 acres from sale

By including this land in the contract without conservation protections, there is no definitive assurance that this land will forever be safe from development.

Riverhead Town’s budget process just keeps getting worse — and less transparent

The state comptroller says budget documents should show a few years’ worth of budget data. Not in Riverhead, where the budget shows no actual numbers for the prior year or year-to-date.

Christmas in October? You’ve gotta be kidding

Why are the stores pushing Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween? What's the rush?

Local folklore: the common wisdom, customs and superstitions that shaped the way our ancestors lived

A look at the the beliefs and practical knowledge that guided people's lives in a bygone era.
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