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We can all take steps to help protect wildlife

People who come to the rescue of wildlife in distress are angels on earth. We can all make their jobs easier and help prevent wildlife injuries and deaths in the first place.

We must never forget what happened to Michael — and why

The tragedy that befell Michael Hubbard 10 years ago today did not have to happen. With at least two dozen burn injuries and one death before May 28, 2011, the product that ended Michael Hubbard's life should not have been on store shelves that spring.

EPCAL drag strip would be a positive thing for Riverhead

To the Editor: I personally feel having the drag strip at EPCAL is a positive thing for Riverhead and...

This is a time for unity in Riverhead, not division: Vote yes on the school budget

It is reprehensible that during a pandemic, a time when all of us are navigating life under new rules just to remain safe and keep our communities safe, there are those who think it appropriate to attack others and sow division in our community. It is more important than ever to stay focused on what is most important: unity in our community.

Hariri: Officials have ‘failed miserably’ on immigration issues

Letter to the editor: Officials have failed miserably in addressing the impact of the arrival of large numbers of poor immigrants in Riverhead.

Documents in ex-Suffolk DA’s corruption trial reveal county politics at their sordid worst

Thanks to the federal judge in disgraced Suffolk district attorney Tom Spota's corruption trial, we have a glimpse into how things work behind the scenes in Suffolk. It's not a pretty picture and hasn't been fully reported by the press. Column by Greg Blass.

Why vote for in the school election May 18? There are lots of reasons.

If you’re like 85% of the school district’s residents, you don't usually vote in school district elections.

It’s time to open up Town Hall again

The town supervisor must stop hiding behind COVID and open up Town Hall on May 19. Guest column by Kathleen McGraw of Northville

‘The very last thing Riverhead needs is a drag strip’

A drag strip will mean noise pollution, air pollution, traffic congestion, and historically unruly and destructive crowds.

Behind the wall: Next stop, the Twilight Zone

Behind this door is "another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop: the Twilight Zone.” Welcome to Riverhead Town Hall.