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Giglio: C.O. proposal is withdrawn

Since reading the comments on Facebook about this legislation, I've spoken to lawyers, real estate professionals, title companies, expeditors and home improvement contractors; this will hinder taxpayers’ ability to sell their homes during this difficult time.

A cashless economy will hurt the working poor

A desire for contactless commerce in the pandemic has accelerated the trend toward a cashless economy. The consequences for poor people may be dire.

No more apartments, no more IDA tax abatements

Any new construction that may lead to an increase in the student population is unacceptable until the overcrowding issue is resolved.

Our children deserve better

A Riverhead school district parent complains about the district's preparedness and communication.

With new heavy-hitting partners, Shinnecock Nation shows it’s serious about a L.I. casino

The Shinnecocks have partnered with Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment and Tri-State Partners. Is the EPCAL property on their short-list of potential sites for a new casino?

‘We don’t want to live in a city’

It’s obvious that these hundreds of apartments will have a huge negative impact on the school district. To say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence.

Let’s tackle our problems with mutual respect

Thoughts on relations between the town government and the school district.

Local news matters: Do your part to save it

If your community is important to you, it’s time to recognize the value of the people who work to ensure transparency in its governance, who work to help your community celebrate its successes, cope with its failures or mourn its losses — your local news providers.

Questions school official’s outside employment

Former school board member objects to RCSD deputy superintendent doing work for another school district.

To mask or not to mask?

From the Anti-Mask League during the 1918 flu pandemic to today's anti-maskers, Americans have resisted face coverings. Greg Blass explores the subject and concludes wearing a mask is one of our best defenses in the current pandemic individually and as a community.
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