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Defend yourself against dangerous germs — especially if you visit the doctor or hospital

With the rise of drug-resistant bacteria — and now drug resistant yeast — and the resurgence of preventable diseases as more people go without vaccines, protection and prevention practices are more important now than ever. Column by Greg Blass

Motorsports may have entertainment value, but as a career path, it’s a dead end

Motorsports is not the answer for economic development and long-term job creation at the Calverton Enterprise Park. Guest column.

What’s wrong with this EPCAL deal?

What are their plans? Grand promises for economic development led by Daniel Preston's Luminati. But Preston has abandoned his operation at EPCAL and fled upstate without paying his bills. And these empty promises for economic development come with no guarantees in the contract.

EPCAL Sale should exclude the vulnerable 1,000 acres

Isn’t the original deal to sell about 600 acres plenty of land to support job creation?

Zeldin’s Venezuela view is ill-informed, dangerous

Rep. Lee Zeldin's support of the failed coup in Venezuela shows a stark lack of understanding.

With arrest warrants already piling up in Riverhead, how will justice court and town police deal with new no-bail system?

In Riverhead Justice Court, outstanding arrest warrants are already piling up. What's going to happen after the 'bail reform' law kicks in next year and most people charged with crimes will no longer be arrested and brought before a judge?

Stressed? Distracted? Hit the pause button and take a nice, deep breath

Our in-breath is a remote control for our brains, with direct impact on the electrical signals that communicate with our memory and our emotions. That's why deep, nasal breathing settles the mind proves to be the ideal path to coping with anxiety and stress.

Bravo, Blue Masques!

The night was magical. The performers hit it out of the park. The musicians didn‘t miss a beat. The direction, choreography and music direction were perfect.

Can we go back to quiet?

There are some things you'd just rather not know about people.

Supervisor: This is a ‘pivotal’ time for Riverhead

"Progress can sometimes be a bitter pill if not metered with a larger vision." Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith argues for master plan update.
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