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As Long Island reopens, why not ease customer concerns with ‘COVID-compliant’ certification?

Why don’t we, through our county health department, create a “COVID-Compliant” status for bars, restaurants, shops and retailers?

What awaits us as we step into this strange new world?

It’s as if every tentative step we take to reopen is an experiment in a laboratory. But we have already pulled through some grim times — and we’ll pull through these worst of times as well.

A message to the community from Peconic Bay Medical Center: We want you back

Dr. Jean Cacciabaudo, medical director at Peconic Bay Medical Center, discusses what the hospital has done to protect patient safety through the COVID crisis and what the future holds for hospital operations.

New York’s reopening guidelines are arbitrary — and politically motivated

Mr. Cuomo has set up arbitrary, one-size-fits-all, county guidelines

Looking into the eyes of health care workers as they face the coronavirus

A reflection by Father Larry Duncklee, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Riverhead, who has spent a lot of time visiting coronavirus patients and the medical staff at Peconic Bay Medical Center in the past three months.

Wild turkeys: Wonder of nature or annoying pest?

Benjamin Franklin preferred this native American bird over the Bald Eagle for the centerpiece of the Great Seal of the United States. As the wild turkey population has rebounded from virtual extinction to about 6,000 on Long Island, not all residents would agree with the Founding Father's assessment.

State senators pledge support for nursing homes

Joint statement issued by State Senators Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson) and and John Flanagan (R-East Northport) pledging support for nursing home steaff.

Coronavirus may expose Suffolk’s dire fiscal condition to be worse than feared

County officials say that a two-month extension of the property tax deadline will put the county in default on paying some of its bonded debt of $329 million due in July, and another $74 million due in August. Column by Greg Blass

Coronavirus has killed nursing home residents at an alarming rate, yet state officials kept public in the dark

Coronavirus has been silently ravaging nursing homes and adult care facilities across New York State, killing residents at an alarming rate — which, until this week, has largely been shielded from the public by state and local officials.

COVID-19 should not diminish our democracy but should terminate the EPCAL deal

We need an open and live discussion by board members with town residents about the EPCAL deal, including of potential termination next month. Any inclination by some board members to move ahead behind windows shaded by our health crisis must be resisted.
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