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Riverhead has no more time to waste

After wasting three years and over $300,000 on its failed effort to update the comprehensive plan, and facing development pressure the town is ill-prepared to handle, the town must adopt a moratorium and get to work planning for our future.

State attorney general should take a close look at how Riverhead Town flouts state laws

Editorial: Some town officials, seemingly eager to do the bidding of developers, are making a mockery of state laws governing how planning and development get done. The AG should step in to stop it.

We all know the game. We must take a stand now, or the place we love will soon be gone.

Opinion: We are at the thin end of the wedge here on the East End and if we don’t make an unprecedented stand to protect the resources and character that define our region, it will be gone in a decade.

‘You have to go through our PR firm’: Words that should never come out of a public official’s mouth

“You have to go through our PR firm.” The public might be surprised to learn how hard it can be for a reporter to get an interview with many public officials, who prefer to communicate by email or through intermediaries. It's a terrible trend. Here's why. Editorial.

So-called NIMBYism may be the truest form of patriotism

All over the world, it seems local governments are representing out-of-town developers more and local people less.

While politicians fight with each other in Riverhead, who’s looking out for residents?

Nothing in this public battle gives even a nod to the town or residents. The flying insults and accusations have nothing to do with working for Riverhead, but only with jockeying for power, position and control.

When dereliction of duty is a public official’s best defense, you know constituents are in trouble

Six-figure town contract tasked consultants with neutralizing public opposition by casting residents as "NIMBYs" who spread misinformation.

What’s the point of updating the comp plan if runaway massive development can continue while the plan is being written?

The town must hit the pause button on all development while it finishes the comprehensive plan update begun in January 2020. The delay in its completion has allowed too many massive developments to move forward under outdated land use rules.

Despite what town officials say, Riverhead does have an affordable housing problem

Opinion: Riverhead does have an affordable housing problem, especially where home-ownership opportunities are concerned. We urge the Town Board to reconsider its decision not to pursue establishing a Community Housing Fund in Riverhead.

Blasts Democratic legislators who voted to kill county’s public campaign finance program

Legislators Al Krupski and Tom Donnelly joined Republicans in vote against the county's public campaign finance program. Voters deserve to know why.