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No more ‘thoughts and prayers’

Opinion: No, gun control laws won’t prevent all gun violence. And yes, every mass shooter is by definition mentally ill. But focusing on one of these to the exclusion of the other is as effective as “thoughts and prayers” are for healing the hearts of grieving parents, siblings and other family members of the 19 little children and their teachers whose bodies were shredded by hundreds of rounds of bullets in a Texas classroom this week. It does next to nothing. And that's exactly what the gun lobby wants.

Town board should remember it represents citizens, not developers

Featured letter: Riverhead, unlike other towns around it on the East End, has bent over backwards for developers.  Look around, what do we see?

Town should have had police at protest

Next time I hope the town board and police officials have a more thoughtful crowd plan activated for an event of this size where the potential exists for vehicle-pedestrian mixing and/or counter-demonstrations.

State should follow Suffolk’s lead on gas tax relief

To the Editor: For the past several months, gas prices nationwide have been at unsustainable highs. The average price...

Riverhead’s school budget deserves a ‘yes’ vote

Editorial: The budget proposed by Riverhead school officials is fiscally conservative, while satisfying the educational and social needs of our children, thanks in part to long-overdue increases in state education aid. This budget deserves the community’s support and we urge you to vote “yes” on Tuesday.

Don’t try to gaslight the public

Riverhead planning officials could have said “We hear ya” and abandoned the controversial idea of a third lane along the length of Sound Avenue in favor of studying other alternatives. Instead the town's top planner simply denied the recommendation was made. That's gaslighting the public — and it's not going to fly.

Ideas for traffic handling around Riverhead

Of streets, roads and stroads: a resident's ideas for how traffic flow might be improved around town. Guest column.

Fatal downtown fire: It’s time for answers

If the town lacks the requisite resources or initiative to conduct the necessary investigation, Suffolk County or New York State must step in.

‘Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps, both’

"[A] popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps, both,” James Madison, Father of our Constitution" warned.

Let’s not diminish the conservation-minded anglers

I just read your article and was disappointed in your representation of the recreational catch and release fishery.