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Riverhead Town Board candidate: A teen’s swastika graffiti is not necessarily an expression of anti-semitism or racism

by Oct 2, 2023
"Some pimply adolescent who is likely only vaguely aware that WW II was even fought mindlessly scratched out a symbol they almost certainly don’t understand." We should not over-react, says council candidate Andrew Leven.

What the town’s Anti-Bias Task Force really needs: independence from political meddling

by Sep 27, 2023
The Anti-Bias Task Force needs independence to be effective and true to its mission — a mission that has nothing to do with spreading cheer, pretending that problems don’t exist, or falling in line with the positions of any political party.

Many questions remain about Town Board’s ‘reorganizing’ of Anti-Bias Task Force

by Sep 26, 2023
The Town Board has advocated for respect, collaboration, and trust regarding their decisions about the Anti-Bias Task Force. You get what you give.

Jens-Smith: Is this the leadership we could expect from a Hubbard administration?

by Sep 11, 2023
Riverhead is earning a reputation for letting businesses do what they want, regardless of rules and restrictions, as our government turns a blind eye. Island Water Park and Riverhead Ciderhouse are good examples perfect example

Citing ‘extreme financial burden’ on school district from tax exemptions, RCSD asks the town IDA to voluntarily stop exempting school taxes

by Sep 3, 2023
Citing the loss of more than $15 million in tax revenue over the past decade — $2.7 million in 2022 alone — Riverhead school district officials say 'enough is enough.'

‘Pharaoh is on both sides’

by Sep 1, 2023
Letter: Let’s do our due diligence and challenge each candidate to determine who has the Riverhead African American community’s best interest at heart.

In this pivotal local election, candidates are giving voters precious little to go by when deciding who to vote for

by Aug 28, 2023
Election Day is a little over two months away. How will you decide who deserves your vote on Nov. 7? Are the candidates giving you good reason to support them?

Respect America’s founding principles

by Aug 18, 2023
It is amazing to me that many people who tout the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution do not seem to have read these documents.

Believe your own eyes and ears — not the version of ‘reality’ EPCAL developer wants you to believe

by Aug 14, 2023
CAT has been conducting a gaslighting campaign since its Sept. 21 presentation to the Riverhead IDA sparked public outcry over a proposed air cargo use at the EPCAL facility in Calverton.

The EPCAL debacle rolls on for the worst of reasons

by Aug 8, 2023
Guest column: What was actually revealed last night was an unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious: that our current decision-makers lack the confidence and competency to either own or fix the problem that is EPCAL. With a staggeringly bad result.