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Complete rewrite of Riverhead’s master plan may not really be necessary

If just a few tweaks, patches and updates are necessary, let us, as residents, first look at those options instead of making an expensive commitment.

Zeldin: New laws will help veterans become homeowners in expensive Long Island market

Legislation will make mortgage financing easier and less expensive for veterans

Since we have to go, why not go green?

It's time to rethink our traditions surrounding death from an environmental perspective. Column by Greg Blass

Riverhead’s next master plan must attract new talent

Master planning is about more than just land use— it's about planning for the future we want as a community. Guest column by John Fallot

Why Riverhead must update its master plan — now

Will Riverhead be a town dominated by more big box stores, when we know retail is retreating? Will our hamlets become a litany of faceless strip malls, when we know there are already too many vacant storefronts? Will we value open space, or cut down every last tree in the name of “progress”? Guest column by Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith

Riverhead residents deserve answers on EPCAL plans

What is CAT planning to bring to Riverhead? There are still too man unanswered questions.

Riverhead’s stewardship of the EPCAL site spins further out of control

One thing is clear: the public wasn't supposed to see the detailed maps, plans and drawings submitted to the DEC by Triple Five. What do they really tell us?

Riverhead can support a movie theater — supervisor needs to do more

We need a leader who is capable of securing appropriate businesses and one who has the demographic knowledge to procure a movie theater in Riverhead.

‘Put your feet on the street’

Do your part, make an effort. There is every reason to come downtown and embrace our efforts to change. Put your feet on our street and get in your steps! It’s your community.

Riverhead needs a movie theater and Riverhead will continue to push for one

Supervisor: Theater company representatives have said Riverhead's demographics don't yet support development of a movie theater in Riverhead. But we are not giving up.
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