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indoor-plants-office-relaxed worker

Stressed and anxious? Green up your home and office

ndoor plants of any kind remind us of the outdoors, nature, and a slower pace of life, which is instantly calming.

Fix the parking or downtown won’t thrive

The town should build a two-story parking garage behind the Suffolk Theater. It already owns that property. And it is a perfect location in the middle of town, a convenient walk to every part of downtown

‘Take care of the children’ — the case for the Riverhead school bond

Riverhead school district is in a crisis. Because of the 2% tax cap and the lack of fair foundation aid from our state, our schools have been starved of the money they need to provide our children with the sound, basic education to which they are entitled

Lee Zeldin is wrong on bail reform

Zeldin should restrain his rhetoric, stop the race-based fear-mongering his position engenders, cease citing erroneous, anecdotal evidence as proof of anything and realize that he represents ALL of New York’s First Congressional Distric

Riverhead Charter School superintendent: Time to set the record straight

Riverhead Charter school is serving a community the school district has failed. The district responds with misinformation designed to stoke fears and kill school choice.

Let your voice be heard about the future of downtown Riverhead

Councilwoman Catherine Kent urges all residents to attend the second downtown forum Thursday evening and complete the online survey about the future of downtown.
Thomas Valva murrer charges

Abuse, cruelty and a system that failed a child it was supposed to protect

Questions that need answers in the death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva, who died of hypothermia after being forced to spend the night in a freezing garage at his father's Center Moriches home.
2014 0610 jail cell

Commonsense fixes to bail reform can protect our community

Ensuring a fair justice system does not have to come at the expense of our wellbeing. There are common sense solutions we can all agree on.

New York’s cashless bail handcuffs justice

Law enforcement officers are doing their sworn duty to protect us, but New York’s cashless bail law undermines their morale, efforts, and, most importantly, authority.

Suffolk sheriff calls for bail reform changes

It is unconscionable and reckless that there is no bail allowed for charges related to drunken-driving fatalities or unintentional homicides, and a lengthy list of other violent, though not “technically violent,” crimes. The fact that a defendant can be repeatedly absent from court and face no consequences is equally disturbing.
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