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Riverhead police officer injured in crash is recovering at Stony Brook University Hospital

Riverhead Police Officer Robert Sproston, 28, who was seriously injured in a car accident Tuesday afternoon as he was responding to a police pursuit, is recovering at Stony Brook University Hospital after several hours of surgery. A GoFundMe page has been launched to help support him as he recovers.

In coronavirus crisis, food pantries face increased demand with depleted resources

Local food pantries — always struggling to feed the hungry in the Riverhead community — are bracing for a surge in demand in this time of special need, when thousands of residents have abruptly found themselves unemployed as a result of restrictions adopted by the state in its effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.

During coronavirus school closures, Riverhead teachers find creative ways to cheer up students stuck at home

Local teachers have staged drive-by “parades,” rallied alumni to record videos on social media and conducted school-wide campaigns to create signs with messages of encouragement for local students stuck at home.

Teachers spearhead effort to buy Chromebook computers for students

The Riverhead Central Faculty Association has teamed up with teachers associations across the North Fork to help get Chromebooks into the hands...

Meet the local healthcare heroes on the front line of the coronavirus war

Meet some of Peconic Bay Medical Center’s healthcare heroes: the nurses who putting their lives on the line caring for coronavirus patients in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Mary Lundberg, a catalyst for good in the community: Riverhead CAP founder was 89

“Mary was an example of how one person, with gumption and determination, can move a community.”

Flower shop sends love to nursing home residents deprived of visitors

These times certainly are a true test of character and strength. And as usual, the people of the Riverhead community are showing what they’re made of.

Eerie photos of Riverhead left empty in coronavirus shutdown

Scenes from an eerily empty town after the state rolled out mandatory business closures during the past week.

Restless kids at home? L.I. Science Center offers free online STEM class March 25

Why do ships float? The science of density and buoyancy comes alive with demonstrations and hands-on activities using a water tank in the L.I. Science Center's online STEM class March 25.

Struggling with isolation, working from home or homeschooling? Riverhead Free Library wants to help

The library, a community resource especially valuable to parents of school-aged kids even in the absence of a pandemic, may well be nothing short of a lifeline to people in these trying times.
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