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What the town’s Anti-Bias Task Force really needs: independence from political meddling

by Sep 27, 2023
The Anti-Bias Task Force needs independence to be effective and true to its mission — a mission that has nothing to do with spreading cheer, pretending that problems don’t exist, or falling in line with the positions of any political party.

In this pivotal local election, candidates are giving voters precious little to go by when deciding who to vote for

by Aug 28, 2023
Election Day is a little over two months away. How will you decide who deserves your vote on Nov. 7? Are the candidates giving you good reason to support them?

Believe your own eyes and ears — not the version of ‘reality’ EPCAL developer wants you to believe

by Aug 14, 2023
CAT has been conducting a gaslighting campaign since its Sept. 21 presentation to the Riverhead IDA sparked public outcry over a proposed air cargo use at the EPCAL facility in Calverton.

Riverhead should halt review of battery energy storage applications until state concludes probe of recent fires

by Aug 7, 2023
Editorial: Riverhead should take the governor’s decision to open an inter-agency investigation of battery energy storage fires this summer as a warning. The town ought to take swift action to put the battery energy storage code it adopted in April on hold.

Step it up, Suffolk: Lack of holding tank at Indian Island campground dump station just 300 feet from Sawmill Creek is...

by Jul 17, 2023
Whatever is dumped into those cesspools buried in the sandy soils of near Saw Mill Creek will transit those 8 yards and reach the surface water in 0-2 years. Campers might just as well be invited to dump their wastes directly into the water.

It’s time to end this manufactured ‘controversy’

by Jul 2, 2023
Firefighters who rescued two women from a burning building in January do not deserve to be the victims of the whisper campaign that seems to have taken root, recklessly spread by the town supervisor no less, which disparages their integrity, their honesty and the dedication with which they serve our community.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, whose perseverance and resilience are a lesson to us all

by Jun 25, 2023
The resilience and perseverance that allowed the Class of 2023 to overcome the challenges of the pandemic remain with them as they leave Riverhead High School and begin to write the next chapter in the book of life.

Reefer madness in Riverhead Town Hall: confusion, misinformation and bad behavior

by Jun 12, 2023
A cringeworthy reefer madness tale: Riverhead's move to 'opt-out' of having retail marijuana establishments in the town failed when put to a vote in 2021. But you'd never know it by the code the town adopted. When local business owners tried to discuss it with the board, the result was cringeworthy. Editorial.

‘Come here legally, like our ancestors did!’ How politics and misinformation converge to create a manufactured crisis

by Jun 4, 2023
Washington's brand of poison politics has found a home at Riverhead Town Hall, heralding in a new era of ugly divisiveness that should not exist in town government.

Rumors, half-truths and lies may grab ratings on talk radio and cable TV, but it’s no way to govern

by May 22, 2023
Riverhead's state of emergency, issued last Tuesday night, is based on rumors, half-truths and lies. That's no way to govern. The order should be rescinded.