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No time left for dawdling: Town Board needs to wake up and kick it into overdrive on comp plan — and...

Failing to adopt a moratorium while at the same time dawdling on the comprehensive plan, allowing new land uses and increased development density without the transfer of development rights — in other words, maintaining the status quo — indicate that the Town Board either doesn't grasp the urgency of these matters or just doesn't care.

Follow the money? Not in Riverhead—but why not?

Editorial: In Riverhead, the public can't "follow the money" because there are no public budget discussions by the Town Board. Everything is "discussed" in emails or in offline private meetings. Why?

It’s petty, dumb and likely illegal. Why can’t the Town Board end its fight over leaf pickup?

The millions of highway fund revenues spent on leaf pickup over the past decades could have purchased new plow trucks, paved roads, built desperately needed sidewalks, improved crosswalks, and provided more highway crew members to do the crucial jobs they do that keep our town functioning. Yet the Town Board insists on raiding the highway department's budget.

Riverhead’s comprehensive plan must make sea-level rise a top priority

Instead of changing local zoning and building codes to prevent or even just discourage development in vulnerable, flood-prone coastal areas, Riverhead is actually encouraging high-density development along its downtown riverfront, an area overwhelmed by Sandy’s powerful storm surge and regularly inundated when storm systems far less intense than Sandy bear down on our region.

The Planning Board is right. Riverhead must hit the brake on development while comp plan is updated.

The proliferation of massive warehousing and logistics buildings proposed in Calverton alone can forever change our town's landscape. With development, there are no do-overs.

Democracy on the edge: The future is up to you

Whatever excuse you’ve had in the past for not voting isn’t good enough in these times. Without participation by eligible voters, we won’t have representative government any more. It’s that simple.

Riverhead still isn’t following its own rules for selling town-owned land to developers

The town has a process in place for making sure developers in no-bid contracts buying land from the town are able to perform. Why does the town ignore its own rules?

Riverhead has no more time to waste

After wasting three years and over $300,000 on its failed effort to update the comprehensive plan, and facing development pressure the town is ill-prepared to handle, the town must adopt a moratorium and get to work planning for our future.

State attorney general should take a close look at how Riverhead Town flouts state laws

Editorial: Some town officials, seemingly eager to do the bidding of developers, are making a mockery of state laws governing how planning and development get done. The AG should step in to stop it.

‘You have to go through our PR firm’: Words that should never come out of a public official’s mouth

“You have to go through our PR firm.” The public might be surprised to learn how hard it can be for a reporter to get an interview with many public officials, who prefer to communicate by email or through intermediaries. It's a terrible trend. Here's why. Editorial.