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Riverhead looks to make odd-even watering restrictions mandatory April to September

Aiming to conserve water during times of peak demand, Riverhead is considering a local law to restrict water use for watering lawns, washing cars and filling pools based on street address numbers. The proposed law would also ban watering lawns while it's raining.

Riverhead slated to receive another $2 million from feds for clean water projects

Congress is expected to pass a spending package this week that includes $2 million for public water extensions for homes in Riverhead serviced by private water wells contaminated by harmful chemicals.

Town Board will hear comments Tuesday on code to allow food waste processing plants at EPCAL

Anaerobic digestion facilities use biological processes in an oxygen-free environment to convert source-separated food wastes to biogas and compost products, which can be sold. The town is considering allowing the use in the Planned Industrial Park zoning district located in the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Navy won’t change stance on groundwater pollution outside the Grumman fence, despite new EPA health advisory for PFAS

In making decisions about how to handle groundwater pollution in areas outside the former Naval installation in Calverton, the Navy will continue to rely on a federal health advisory level for PFAS that the EPA abandoned in June because it did not protect human health. No additional drinking water sampling is planned, a Navy project manager said this week.

DEC reports on herbicide treatment in battle against invasive Ludwigia in Peconic River

The state for the first time this summer used the widespread application of herbicides in its ongoing — and previously “consistently ineffective” — effort to eliminate the invasive Ludwigia, which grows and spreads aggressively to form a dense mat on the surface of the water, upending the aquatic ecosystem and interfering with recreational activities.

Turning food scraps into fertilizer: Riverhead launches pilot program in partnership with residents and businesses

Riverhead Town is conducting a pilot food scrap collection program, with the goals of providing material for composting to local farms and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change.

Riverhead extends moratorium on commercial solar energy systems for another year

The Town Board voted unanimously last night, 4-0 with Councilman Frank Beyrodt recused, to extend the moratorium on new solar energy system approvals, initially adopted in October 2021.

New pests take a huge toll on local trees

Ash trees are not expected to survive the infestation of the invasive emerald ash borer, while southern pine beetles are devastating pines in Suffolk, and spotted lanternfly infestations, now moving east in Suffolk, pose a threat to vineyards.

Site of massive mulch fire last week lacked permits, under investigation by State DEC

The site operator, Driftwood Family Farms, has no DEC permit or registration for a mulch processing facility at the 42-acre Calverton site the DEC confirmed this week.

Federal appeals court rules in favor of EPA plan to extend open water disposal sites in L.I. Sound

A federal appeals court today scuttled New York State’s hope of blocking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from establishing a new open water disposal site for dredged sediments in eastern Long Island Sound.