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Navy has ‘no intentions’ of dissolving community advisory group for Grumman/Calverton cleanup, spokesman says

The Navy has "no intentions of dissolving" the Calverton Restoration Advisory Board, according to a Navy spokesman, who said the Navy remains committed to its cleanup responsibilities at the former Grumman manufacturing site.

Drag race promoter says town permit allows 4,000 people per event, but runway agreement limits attendance to 1,100

Some town board members expressed confidence that everything will work out fine, despite apparent conflicting terms of permit and runway agreement.“We always can stop it on a moment's notice if it's not what we agreed to,” Councilman Tim Hubbard said.

Triple Five looks to reassure Riverhead officials on Calverton land deal

In first public appearance in Riverhead Town Hall since Triple Five signed a $40 million land deal in 2018, company chairman Nader Ghermezian told the town board Triple Five wants to close as soon as the town is able.

Dates changed for EPCAL drag races to avoid bird-nesting season

The dates of the two drag racing proposals at the Calverton Enterprise Park have changed after an environmental assessment found that the event’s would interfere with local birds’ nesting season.

EPCAL sale: Triple Five says it waives right to terminate contract for another year

One year after the contract deadline for the town to gain approval of the land subdivision required to complete the $40 million sale to Triple Five, the subdivision remains in limbo. Triple Five says it's ready to close, but will allow the town another year to get its approvals, the company's attorney said.

EPCAL drag strip would be a positive thing for Riverhead

To the Editor: I personally feel having the drag strip at EPCAL is a positive thing for Riverhead and...

Riverhead delays final approval for Scrambul Runway Challenge drag-racing event

After public comments and board discussion that lasted nearly two hours, the Riverhead Town Board delayed action on the Scrambul drag race event planned for June 19 & 20 until it received and reviewed the fire marshal's report and confirmed coordination with the police department, Manorville Fire Department and Riverhead ambulance.

Triple Five lost more than $64 million at its American Dream mega-mall in NJ last year

Triple Five Group, the company in a $40 million land deal with the Town of Riverhead to buy nearly all of the town's remaining vacant land at the former Grumman site in Calverton, detailed losses at its American Dream retail and entertainment complex in New Jersey in financial statements made public Thursday.

Drag-racing on Calverton runways approved for June 19 & 20

A two-day drag-racing event on the runways at the Calverton Enterprise Park won unanimous approval yesterday from the Riverhead Town Board. A second series of drag-racing events over eight days this summer remains under consideration.

Two drag-racing proposals for EPCAL runways being considered by Riverhead Town Board

There will be town-sanctioned drag racing on the EPCAL runways over five weekends this summer, if two separate proposals for drag-racing events are approved by the Riverhead Town Board.