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Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

Why a moratorium on new apartment buildings makes sense for downtown

It's time for Riverhead to slow down, think broadly and in the long term, and concentrate on the smart and sustainable future our town deserves. Column by Greg Blass

Move, stretch, stand and squat throughout your day for better health

Too much sitting may not only negate the benefits of exercise, but also may have very serious detrimental effects on your health. Here's why moving throughout the day and squatting instead of sitting is good for you. New column by Greg Blass.

In 2019, caregivers need not go it alone

A majority of Long Islanders over age 50 are either currently, or have been in the past five years, or expect to be in the next five years, a caregiver for an elderly relative or friend. Good news for the new year: Help is available for people coping with this daunting, difficult job.

Why later school-day start times are healthier for kids

Letting children and teens get more morning shut-eye has a host of benefits, as studies link sleep-deprivation to academic issues, ADHD, future substance abuse and other ills.

When politics trumps common sense

A town hall saga that has all the clumsy intrigue, confused play-acting, crude politics, and shameful pettiness of a cheap novel.

Consider the avocado: a case study in the value of a second look

This exceptional berry provides a lesson about human nature — how we are so sure to judge something, or some place, or someone, thinking with a smug self-assurance that we know all we need to know in our all-too-often dismissive ways.

In Suffolk, hidden taxes help fund runaway government spending

Suffolk County government's already fat fees keep climbing — along with county debt — allowing politicians to fund runaway spending and make the (false) claim they're not raising taxes.

Our pets rule, influencing lifestyle and housing choices across generations

Pet ownership is on the rise, with millennials more likely to have pets than any other demographic — and making pet-centered lifestyle, renting and home-buying choices.

The real Columbus: There’s hard evidence that the modern recast of the great explorer is a myth

Christopher Columbus has become a controversial figure, with a modern narrative casting him as a greedy, murderous brute. A thought-provoking and compelling reappraisal of Columbus and his legacy shows that there's plenty of hard evidence to the contrary.

Riverhead could see valuable benefits as regional solar energy center — but only if the town plays smart

Riverhead Town should reap big benefits from being the Long Island 'capital' of solar power production — the way other communities have — but it will happen only if the town plays its cards right.
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