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Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

If you support the current EPCAL land deal, did you actually read the contract?

What does the contract say about what the buyer has to do with the property after the $40 million deal closes? What guarantee does the town get about the buyer's performance? The answers to these two simple questions should shock you. Column by Greg Blass.

Is the battle to control vectors — and the diseases they spread — winnable?

Long Island is now considered "ground zero" for Lyme disease and once-exotic viruses and other infections are gaining a growing foothold. How goes our struggle against these vectors and the costly and deadly illness they bring with their bites? In two understated words: not well.

Exploring the magic and mystery of music

Let’s take a breather from all the stressful goings on here and about, and take the time to dwell on something special in life...

Personal attacks against critics of EPCAL deal are a shameful distraction

A recent attack letter, followed quickly by long, obviously coordinated, nasty comments aimed at myself and my wife, Barbara, including remarks on local radio, all from the tag team of Mason Haas and the Giglios, cannot go unanswered. Column by Greg Blass.

A finding of ‘qualified and eligible’ requires much more than hopes and dreams

Opinion: Greg Blass calls on the Riverhead Town Board to reject Calverton Aviation & Technology as the "qualified and eligible" process concludes this week with the April 6 deadline for written comments on the proposal.

‘Uncle Riverhead’ warns town board members to tread carefully on Q&E

Town board members should not have any private, off-the-record contact with the EPCAL applicants while the Q&E hearing is pending.

In this sleep-deprived nation, it’s time to let go of a now-pointless old practice

It's time to end the twice-a-year clock-changing rigamarole and make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Protecting our schools today requires an innovative new approach

There are cogent lessons to be learned from school security in Israel.

Riverhead’s private roads conundrum

How a dispute over plowing private roads in a Baiting Hollow community can snowball into something much bigger.

Why you should keep your cat indoors

To allow cats outside lets their super-predator instincts run wild.
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