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Greg Blass

Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

A cashless economy will hurt the working poor

A desire for contactless commerce in the pandemic has accelerated the trend toward a cashless economy. The consequences for poor people may be dire.

With new heavy-hitting partners, Shinnecock Nation shows it’s serious about a L.I. casino

The Shinnecocks have partnered with Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment and Tri-State Partners. Is the EPCAL property on their short-list of potential sites for a new casino?

To mask or not to mask?

From the Anti-Mask League during the 1918 flu pandemic to today's anti-maskers, Americans have resisted face coverings. Greg Blass explores the subject and concludes wearing a mask is one of our best defenses in the current pandemic individually and as a community.

Honor his honor’s memory: Replace that court

Judge Allen Smith urged town board after town board to replace the cramped, outmoded justice court — which the town has planned to do for more than a decade, but never acted.

A father’s advice for interacting with police

How might a parent advise a child about the inevitable day when they will have an encounter with the police? Greg Blass tackles the subject in a fictitious letter from father to son.

The return of the Monarch butterfly and the Mexican man who became its unlikely champion

Millions of Monarch butterflies will return to the Northeast this spring in unexpectedly large numbers. Here's the story of Homero Gomez, a Mexican man who became an unlikely champion of the Monarch.

What awaits us as we step into this strange new world?

It’s as if every tentative step we take to reopen is an experiment in a laboratory. But we have already pulled through some grim times — and we’ll pull through these worst of times as well.

Wild turkeys: Wonder of nature or annoying pest?

Benjamin Franklin preferred this native American bird over the Bald Eagle for the centerpiece of the Great Seal of the United States. As the wild turkey population has rebounded from virtual extinction to about 6,000 on Long Island, not all residents would agree with the Founding Father's assessment.

Coronavirus may expose Suffolk’s dire fiscal condition to be worse than feared

County officials say that a two-month extension of the property tax deadline will put the county in default on paying some of its bonded debt of $329 million due in July, and another $74 million due in August. Column by Greg Blass

What can we learn from humanity’s long history of pandemics?

The history of pandemics dates back to at least 430 B.C. What have we learned from these periodic deadly outbreaks?
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