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Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

In this sleep-deprived nation, it’s time to let go of a now-pointless old practice

It's time to end the twice-a-year clock-changing rigamarole and make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Protecting our schools today requires an innovative new approach

There are cogent lessons to be learned from school security in Israel.

Riverhead’s private roads conundrum

How a dispute over plowing private roads in a Baiting Hollow community can snowball into something much bigger.

Why you should keep your cat indoors

To allow cats outside lets their super-predator instincts run wild.

Sage advice from ‘Uncle Riverhead’: Let’s hit the pause button on EPCAL deal

An imaginary uncle drops in on the Riverhead Town Board to give board members advice on how not to blow the biggest decision they'll likely ever have to make. Column by Greg Blass

Seized assets bring big bucks to county law enforcement — but who’s watching the till?

Oversight efforts by legislators have been snuffed out with the death of a bill that would require accountability of how law enforcement agencies spend millions of dollars in asset forfeiture fund monies.

The end of the car as we know it?

Electric-powered vehicles have been around since the mid-19th century, but improved technology and increased demand may spell the demise of the combustion engine sooner than you think. Column by Greg Blass.

Accountable to no one, Riverhead’s IDA is a powerful agency run amok

Riverhead's IDA was established by state law at the request of the town in 1980, so it can't be dissolved without an action of the state legislature. However, the town board can and should require more transparency so the public — and the school board — can know details of the agency's actions and their impacts.

The holidays are here — and it’s a good time to contemplate fasting

Many of us spend the holidays gorging. It's a good time to consider some startling discoveries from recent research on the benefits of fasting.

Manipulation, sensationalism and self-promotion: our police commish at work (while campaigning for district attorney)

Why did Police Commissioner Tim Sini hold a press conference announcing a big fentanyl bust three days after police lab tests showed the seized substance was not fentanyl? The DA's office had the bogus charges dismissed in court just few days later. New column by Greg Blass
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