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Greg Blass

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Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

Laughter is the medicine for what ails us

Laughter is good for us and may even provide healing refuge in a culture where arguments and attacks prevail.

The power of forgiveness in an unforgiving world

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping that it will kill your enemies.” - Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly 30 years in prison for anti-apartheid activism, shown here shaking hands with State President of South Africa Frederik de Klerk in 1992.

Alexei Leonov, space artist and pioneer

Trailblazing voyager cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, 85, the first person to walk in space (in March 1965) died Oct. 11 — as two astronauts worked outside the International Space Station.

Local folklore: the common wisdom, customs and superstitions that shaped the way our ancestors lived

A look at the the beliefs and practical knowledge that guided people's lives in a bygone era.

In Suffolk’s jail, a nun with a heart for those behind bars

A chaplain at the Suffolk County jail for 26 years, Sister Michelle Bremer counsels, teaches and restores trust in the hearts of the incarcerated.

Despite denials and assurances, a Calverton casino remains a real possibility

If the State of New York and the billionaire-backed Shinnecock/Seminole partnership decide to develop a casino at EPCAL, will Riverhead have anything to say about it?

Are your water and soda bottles hacking into your body’s hormone system?

Unregulated inert ingredients in plastic bottles disrupt the functions of the human endocrine system, the glands that produce the hormones that control nearly every bodily function.

Lessons I learned about the perils of dehydration and the quality of health care in our community

Hot weather, dehydration and the pain of a kidney stone leads to a trip to the hospital via ambulance.

Will county taxpayers recoup any money from a ‘faithless servant’?

After Democrats squashed a Republican attempt to get restitution from Suffolk's ex-police chief for a $1.5 million judgment due to his criminal behavior, a lawsuit to recover the ex-chief 's pay has been placed in the hands of a law firm whose partners have contributed more than $30,000 to the county executive's campaigns. Will that affect the outcome of the suit — or at least keep it out of the public eye until after Election Day?

Since we have to go, why not go green?

It's time to rethink our traditions surrounding death from an environmental perspective. Column by Greg Blass
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