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Greg Blass

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Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

Despite denials and assurances, a Calverton casino remains a real possibility

If the State of New York and the billionaire-backed Shinnecock/Seminole partnership decide to develop a casino at EPCAL, will Riverhead have anything to say about it?

Are your water and soda bottles hacking into your body’s hormone system?

Unregulated inert ingredients in plastic bottles disrupt the functions of the human endocrine system, the glands that produce the hormones that control nearly every bodily function.

Lessons I learned about the perils of dehydration and the quality of health care in our community

Hot weather, dehydration and the pain of a kidney stone leads to a trip to the hospital via ambulance.

Will county taxpayers recoup any money from a ‘faithless servant’?

After Democrats squashed a Republican attempt to get restitution from Suffolk's ex-police chief for a $1.5 million judgment due to his criminal behavior, a lawsuit to recover the ex-chief 's pay has been placed in the hands of a law firm whose partners have contributed more than $30,000 to the county executive's campaigns. Will that affect the outcome of the suit — or at least keep it out of the public eye until after Election Day?

Since we have to go, why not go green?

It's time to rethink our traditions surrounding death from an environmental perspective. Column by Greg Blass

Riverhead’s stewardship of the EPCAL site spins further out of control

One thing is clear: the public wasn't supposed to see the detailed maps, plans and drawings submitted to the DEC by Triple Five. What do they really tell us?

Suffolk’s one-party rule: A compliant legislature rubber-stamps costly measures that benefit the county executive’s political fortunes

Last month, 11 costly union contracts were rammed through on an emergency basis, with no chance for legislators to review them, no public hearing, no public comment.

EPCAL, Luminati, Triple Five: so many questions we shouldn’t be asking

It's been more than two months since the town learned of Luminati Aerospace's mounting legal and financial troubles — and CEO Daniel Preston's intention to move his operation off Long Island. Where does that leave the town? We still don't know.

Defend yourself against dangerous germs — especially if you visit the doctor or hospital

With the rise of drug-resistant bacteria — and now drug resistant yeast — and the resurgence of preventable diseases as more people go without vaccines, protection and prevention practices are more important now than ever. Column by Greg Blass

With arrest warrants already piling up in Riverhead, how will justice court and town police deal with new no-bail system?

In Riverhead Justice Court, outstanding arrest warrants are already piling up. What's going to happen after the 'bail reform' law kicks in next year and most people charged with crimes will no longer be arrested and brought before a judge?
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