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Guest Column

Town officials must be held accountable

"The explosion and ensuing fire that consumed five cars being stored on a runway at EPCAL Wednesday night demonstrates exactly what residents were worried about when we objected to the town’s plan to allow hundreds, if not thousands, of storm-damaged vehicles to be stored at the EPCAL site."- Guest column by Kelly McClinchy

Current push for ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ deserves a critical look

"It seems to me that CRT has morphed into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Lots of word salad which avoids speaking of Americanism, academics, meritocracy and hard work, but speaks of excuses, blame, shaming, bigotry and racism for student failure. It fits the current political narrative." Guest column by Catherine Wheeler.

‘Never forget’ is more than a slogan — it’s a call to truly remember

On Sept. 11, we keep hearing “Never Forget.” In all honesty, sometimes I try to forget. The truth is, I will never forget. I cannot forget the sound of my husband’s voice when he called me from his office at the World Trade Center, sounding out of breath like he had just run a marathon. “Could you turn on the TV? Something happened. We felt an explosion. The building shook and there’s debris falling.”

With your support, we’re moving Riverhead forward

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar reviews her first two years in office as she seeks re-election. Guest column.

Former supervisor writes ‘revisionist history’

In the former supervisor's opinion piece she asserts that "hindsight" is not the way to plan for the growth and future of...

We need closer scrutiny, not fast-tracking, of new apartment building plans

Riverhead Town needs to more closely review applications for multistory apartment buildings instead of fast-tracking their approvals. Guess column by former supervisor Laura Jens-Smith.

Supervisor responds to critical comments on pet store bill: I don’t support puppy mills

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar responds to online comments she said misrepresented her position on puppy mills, which she said were made by people with a "political agenda."

To beat COVID, we need more people vaccinated

Low vaccination rates deeply lower our odds to control, and in time defeat, the COVID-19 virus, Peconic Bay Medical Center Executive Director Amy Loeb argues, urging unvaccinated people to take the shot now.

Town government is seriously broken

"The appearance of open, deliberative government can be deceiving. Listen to Supervisor Aguiar and you would think she and the town board have always welcomed and continue to welcome input from the public. Take the time to watch a town board meeting on Channel 22 or try to participate in a town board meeting and you will quickly understand that is not the case." Guest column by Kathleen McGraw

Two-story medical office proposal violates spirit and letter of Rural Corridor zoning

Once again, Riverhead Town is being threatened with chainsaws and overdevelopment, putting the town at risk of morphing into another section of overdeveloped western Long Island.