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Guest Column

Planning be damned: Riverhead is developers’ promised land

Opinion: Developers are ready to build and our Town Board is in lockstep with them — not the people of Riverhead.

This is Riverhead’s last chance to get it right

Riverhead Town's natural resources and community character are being erased by unplanned development. It's time for our leaders to take action and implement sustainable development practices before it's too late. Opinion column by Bob DeLuca of Group for the East End.

In Riverhead, a study in dysfunctional governance

Guest column: The Nov. 17 work session was a stark illustration of this Town Board's inability to responsibly govern, writes Kathleen McGraw of Northville. The board’s decisions on a moratorium ignore sound legal advice and set the town up for lawsuits by developers.

It’s past time for a change in Democratic Party leadership in New York and Long Island

Opinion: Under the leadership of Jay Jacobs and Rich Schaffer, Long Island has bled seats for several election cycles, at the local, state, and federal level. Guest column by Shoshana Hershkowitz

Death by a million trucks

Guest column: The tens of thousands of trucks that will move to and from the multiple logistics and distribution centers planned in Riverhead, will make our already unsafe air quality much worse.

Riverhead NJROTC unit remains strong — and we have our ‘temporary’ instructors, and the cadets themselves, to thank

The Riverhead NJROTC unit started off the new year with vacancies in both its instructor positions, but the program. But despite the initial deficit, the program remained strong thanks to two ROTC Instructors hired as leave replacements,  Darien Riley and Zachary Morales — and the cadets themselves. 

We all know the game. We must take a stand now, or the place we love will soon be gone.

Opinion: We are at the thin end of the wedge here on the East End and if we don’t make an unprecedented stand to protect the resources and character that define our region, it will be gone in a decade.

While politicians fight with each other in Riverhead, who’s looking out for residents?

Nothing in this public battle gives even a nod to the town or residents. The flying insults and accusations have nothing to do with working for Riverhead, but only with jockeying for power, position and control.

What’s the point of updating the comp plan if runaway massive development can continue while the plan is being written?

The town must hit the pause button on all development while it finishes the comprehensive plan update begun in January 2020. The delay in its completion has allowed too many massive developments to move forward under outdated land use rules.

The North Fork is changing. Can ‘locals’ and ‘newcomers’ peacefully co-exist?

Reflections on coping with the clash of cultures, class and expectations, as our region booms. Column by Celia Marszal-Iannelli.