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Guest Column

Resorts and spas on the bluffs of the Sound in Riverhead? No!

by Dec 2, 2023
Town Board members are saying a proposal to allow resorts and spas on the bluffs of the Long Island Sound is intended to promote "agri-tourism." Poppycock! Do they really believe their constituents are that dumb?

EPCAL and the Riverhead IDA loom large in the aftermath of this election

by Nov 11, 2023
EPCAL must be rezoned to exclude once and for all uses that will asphyxiate adjoining residential neighborhoods and Riverhead writ large.

An objective look at the Riverhead IDA – Part 3: Legal Footnote

by Nov 4, 2023
The third of three essays by former Riverhead IDA board member Larry Simms.

Riverhead IDA’s broken processes make for bad decisions

by Nov 3, 2023
Riverhead IDA watchdog and former board member Larry Simms discusses the agency's decision-making processes, which he argues lead to many bad decisions.

An Objective Look at the Riverhead IDA

by Nov 2, 2023
Former Riverhead IDA Board member Larry Simms in a series of three essays discusses the IDA's projects, processes and impacts.

Can you trust the same crew that created the EPCAL debacle to fix this mess once and for all?

by Nov 1, 2023
Democratic council candidate Andrew Leven argues that "the Republicans who created this mess were forced by public outrage to walk away from it." He asks: Can they be trusted to do fix it going forward?

The ‘games people play’ hurt school district staff, faculty and, most of all, the students

by Nov 1, 2023
Guest column: Former Riverhead school board member Laurie Downs speaks out on recent events in the school district, the influence of the teachers union on school board members, and its consequences.

In the Riverhead school district, the teachers union calls the shots

by Oct 30, 2023
Former Riverhead school board member urges district residents to "wake up," arguing the teachers union is running the school district behind the scenes.

Riverhead residents, thank you for speaking out

by Oct 30, 2023
Guest column: Riverhead Supervisor candidate Angela De Vito thanks residents for their activism and persistence in their opposition to any air cargo uses at the former Grumman site in Calverton.

Manorville’s clean water story: A tale of two towns

by Oct 15, 2023
Guest column: Water mains are already being installed by the Suffolk County Water Authority in the Brookaven portion of Manorville. But in Riverhead Town? The wait goes on.