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Guest Column

We all know the game. We must take a stand now, or the place we love will soon be gone.

Opinion: We are at the thin end of the wedge here on the East End and if we don’t make an unprecedented stand to protect the resources and character that define our region, it will be gone in a decade.

While politicians fight with each other in Riverhead, who’s looking out for residents?

Nothing in this public battle gives even a nod to the town or residents. The flying insults and accusations have nothing to do with working for Riverhead, but only with jockeying for power, position and control.

What’s the point of updating the comp plan if runaway massive development can continue while the plan is being written?

The town must hit the pause button on all development while it finishes the comprehensive plan update begun in January 2020. The delay in its completion has allowed too many massive developments to move forward under outdated land use rules.

The North Fork is changing. Can ‘locals’ and ‘newcomers’ peacefully co-exist?

Reflections on coping with the clash of cultures, class and expectations, as our region booms. Column by Celia Marszal-Iannelli.

Riverhead should enact a moratorium on new gun shops and shooting ranges until town clearly addresses these uses in its...

Guest column: Riverhead should enact a moratorium on new gun shops and shooting ranges until it completes the work of enacting legislation to define these uses and spell out where, when and how, if at all, such businesses should be allowed in our town.

Fatal downtown fire: It’s time for answers

If the town lacks the requisite resources or initiative to conduct the necessary investigation, Suffolk County or New York State must step in.

Video commentary: response to Suffolk County Historical Society

This is an egregious injury to a group of American citizens who demand better. It simply will not be tolerated and we do not for one moment, think her letter and promise of sensitivity training is sufficient repair for the harm caused by the article written by the head librarian. It read like a recruitment flyer for the KKK. It is just flatly unacceptable.

The current COVID testing chaos is a fiasco that should not be happening

The COVID-19 winter surge, fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant, was entirely predictable, so why is there such chaos in testing for the virus right now, when it matters most?

In the spirit of the season, let’s embrace unity

While more than a thousand local residents attended a soccer tournament at Stotzky Park to mourn, to heal and to bring our community together, Lee Zeldin attended an event across town designed to divide and demonize members of our community.

Greg Blass got it wrong: supervisor is a ‘unifier’

Jamesport resident Joann Waski responds to column by Greg Blass and advocates for Supervisor Yvette Aguiar's re-election.