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The future of local journalism depends on your support.

We believe it’s important to keep local news accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of what resources they have.

For these reasons, we don’t want to put our content behind a paywall, as more and more news organizations are finding it necessary to do.

We care about Riverhead as much as you do.

Riverhead is our home. We have deep roots in this community. This shines through in the work we do — from taking photos at parades to hard-hitting investigative journalism,
we’ve got Riverhead covered.

We are editorially independent and family-owned. Now in our 10th year of publication, we have grown tremendously—from a start-up born at Denise and Peter’s dining room table to an eight-person staff with an office in downtown Riverhead.

But we still need to grow, and we need your help.

For the price of a cup of coffee a month, your support will keep real, local journalism free to access for everyone in our community.

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