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HK Ventures project granted preliminary site plan approval: Sept. 21 Planning Board wrap-up

by Sep 22, 2023
A proposed 412,000-square-foot light industrial park on Middle Country Road in Calverton gained preliminary site plan approval yesterday in a unanimous vote by the Riverhead Planning Board. 

International art project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ returns to Riverhead Charter School

by Sep 22, 2023
Riverhead Charter School third-graders made pinwheels for display outside the school as part of the international Pinwheels for Peace project.



Battery storage and Calverton industrial moratoriums have majority support, Hubbard says

by and | Sep 21, 6:21 pm
Moratoriums on industrial development in Calverton and commercial battery energy storage facilities town-wide have the support of a majority of the Riverhead Town Board, Council Member Tim Hubbard said today.

Aguiar threatens write-in campaign for supervisor, criticizing Hubbard’s leadership

by Sep 21, 2023
Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar is threatening to mount a write-in campaign for supervisor this fall if Council Member Tim Hubbard continues to exhibit what she calls the Republican nominee’s weak management and leadership skills.

Timothy Hill Ranch employee charged with rape of 16-year-old resident

by Sep 21, 2023
A 51-year-old man employed at Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead has been arrested on rape and other charges for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old resident there.

Calverton man sentenced to 18 years in prison for razor attack on ex-girlfriend’s family

by Sep 21, 2023
Guillermo Ayala Jr., 30, of Calverton was sentenced to 18 years in prison yesterday after his Aug. 21 guilty plea to two violent felonies and a misdemeanor stemming from his Dec. 2 razor attack on three members of his ex-girlfriend's family at their home.

IDA action on Triple Five request for tax breaks without firm development plan is ‘improper,’ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘irresponsible,’ senators say

by Sep 20, 2023
CAT has backed away from its air cargo proposal for EPCAL and now says its development plan is in flux. The IDA's review of CAT's application for tax breaks in the absence of a firm plan is improper, the chairperson of the State Senate's government watchdog committee said. First District Sen. Anthony Palumbo, a member of that committee, agreed.

Triple Five megamall suffered $245 million in operating losses in 2022, filing shows

by Sep 20, 2023
The New Jersey megamall owned by Triple Five, which is in contract through another affiliate company to purchase more than 1,600 acres of industrial land in Calverton from Riverhead Town, had $245 million in operating losses last year, security filings released this week shows.

Suffolk Police to hold vehicle auction Saturday

by Sep 20, 2023
The Suffolk County Police Department will hold a vehicle auction Saturday morning at the department's impound facility in Westhampton.

Family of children attacked by teens at Riverhead football game asks Anti-Bias Task Force for action

by Sep 19, 2023
Riverhead’s newly reorganized Anti-Bias Task Force came face-to-face with a shocking racial bias incident at its first meeting Monday, hearing details of the incident from the family of children who were assaulted and called a racial slur at a highs school football game Sept. 9.

Planning consultants brief town on proposals to revise industrial zoning, revamp transfer of development rights program

by Sep 19, 2023
Responding to community concerns about the nature and amount of industrial development in Calverton, planners are recommending zoning changes to reduce industrial development density and update rules for modern warehouse development and other uses.

Tuesday’s Town Board meeting is canceled due to lack of a quorum

by Sep 18, 2023
Tomorrow's Town Board meeting and Community Development Agency meetings have been canceled for lack of a quorum, meaning only two board members out of five were available to attend.

Meet Riverhead Town’s newest centenarian, Arlene Doroszka

by Sep 18, 2023
Arlene Doroszka credits genetics for here longevity and good health. But those who know the vibrant 100-year-old say she's kept fit and healthy by remaining active, spending time outdoors, where she enjoys gardening and yard work.

Opinion | Editorial

In this pivotal local election, candidates are giving voters precious little to go by when deciding who to vote for

by | Aug 28, 6:13 pm
Election Day is a little over two months away. How will you decide who deserves your vote on Nov. 7? Are the candidates giving you good reason to support them?

International art project ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ returns to Riverhead Charter School

Riverhead Charter School third-graders made pinwheels for display outside the school as part of the international Pinwheels for Peace project.

Riverhead High School student in police custody after using pepper spray...

A Riverhead High School student is in police custody this morning after using pepper spray on another student, according to the school district.

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