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So-called NIMBYism may be the truest form of patriotism

All over the world, it seems local governments are representing out-of-town developers more and local people less.

Blasts Democratic legislators who voted to kill county’s public campaign finance program

Legislators Al Krupski and Tom Donnelly joined Republicans in vote against the county's public campaign finance program. Voters deserve to know why.

Residents urge board to act on firearms code

In an open letter to the Town Board, Riverhead civic associations and residents urge action on the proposed firearms code and seek creation of a firearms advisory committee to work on it.

Stotzky Park playground is a wreck

My son was busy playing in the playground with friends and while he’s 7 and oblivious to its slow demise, I wasn’t.

There is no Lion in Judah

A voice for the African American community in Riverhead is non-existent. No longer is there a Lion in Judah, a courageous voice to speak for the voiceless. Many profess to take on that challenge but when it comes time to speak truth to power, when it comes time to challenge the powers that be…….all you hear is utter silence.

Town board should remember it represents citizens, not developers

Featured letter: Riverhead, unlike other towns around it on the East End, has bent over backwards for developers.  Look around, what do we see?

Town should have had police at protest

Next time I hope the town board and police officials have a more thoughtful crowd plan activated for an event of this size where the potential exists for vehicle-pedestrian mixing and/or counter-demonstrations.

State should follow Suffolk’s lead on gas tax relief

To the Editor: For the past several months, gas prices nationwide have been at unsustainable highs. The average price...

Let’s not diminish the conservation-minded anglers

I just read your article and was disappointed in your representation of the recreational catch and release fishery.

‘They need to do a lot better’

To the Editor: This “temporary” suspension is meaningless. (“Local history museums suspend executive directors,” Feb. 18.) It is...