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Truth and what’s best for the community and country should come first

To the Editor:Regarding the editorial “Election integrity matters” (Jan. 22): Agreed! It should always be the truth and what's best for the...

Are the companies in Riverhead’s future the right ones?

To the Editor: Business applications are heading toward an expanding industrial bias for our town. Community groups and the...

An open letter to Palumbo and Giglio from residents of Manorville: ‘We need your help!’

Residents of Manorville, where many private wells are contaminated with toxic chemicals, are angry that NY State has again denied grant funding for public water to 128 homes near the former Grumman facility in Calverton.

Shame on Riverhead officials for not speaking out

Earlier this year RiverheadLocal reported that a firearms dealer planning to locate on Elton Street published a blog containing racist commentary on...

‘Former proud Republican’ denounces Trump, Zeldin

I'm a former proud registered Republican. I left the party the moment Donald Trump was nominated. I never could have predicted he'd...

Reject Lee Zeldin’s extremist politics

To the Editor: New Yorkers have important decisions to make in the upcoming election on Nov. 8. Reproductive rights,...

On Election Day, vote for a woman’s right to choose: Vote for Democrats

To the Editor: On June 24, 2022, Representative Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor, said the decision to...

So-called NIMBYism may be the truest form of patriotism

All over the world, it seems local governments are representing out-of-town developers more and local people less.

Blasts Democratic legislators who voted to kill county’s public campaign finance program

Legislators Al Krupski and Tom Donnelly joined Republicans in vote against the county's public campaign finance program. Voters deserve to know why.

Residents urge board to act on firearms code

In an open letter to the Town Board, Riverhead civic associations and residents urge action on the proposed firearms code and seek creation of a firearms advisory committee to work on it.