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The future of our town is in the voters’ hands this November. Pay attention and choose wisely.

Featured letter: Voting party-line this year may very well destroy the make-up of Riverhead. The present council has overwhelmingly been in favor of warehouses and the EPCAL sale.

GOP county chairman’s comments were false and should not have been published

GOP County Chairman Jesse Garcia's statements were false and should not have been published.

Town Board must be more inclusive if downtown ‘quality of life’ efforts are to be effective

Letter: Downtown civic group calls on Town Board to expand Quality of Life committee to include more than 'business leaders and their interests' to be effective in its mission.

The ‘CAT’ plan for EPCAL does not deserve taxpayer financial support

Featured letter: CAT has no approved site plan, no zoning approvals, no required permits and its plan has not undergone the review mandated by the State Environmental Quality Review Act. It should not even be considered for taxpayer-funded support.

No sales tax increase for clean water initiative: government must find another way

Letter: Government waste and inefficiency should be the target to find monies to support any clean water initiatives.

Environmental advocates urge state to enact Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act

The 1/8-cent sales tax increase is needed to finance the installation of clean water septic systems. State lawmakers must adopt it and allow Suffolk voters to make it a reality.

In Calverton, life as we know it is under attack

Big developers know they can have their way in Riverhead, promising jobs that won’t go to town residents and taxes we’ll never see. What do we actually get? More traffic, more light pollution, more crime, more demands on our town employees and first responder resources. Letter from Mark Gajowski, Calverton

Board members don’t seem to care about residents’ opinions

Dear Editor, My husband and I have been attending Planning Board meetings and Town Board meetings since September...

‘Grateful every day’

A heartfelt thank you to RiverheadLOCAL for the rebuttal concerning our great town of Riverhead and surrounding hamlets.

Town Board doesn’t want to hear from residents

The Town Board refused to allow a civic president to make a second comment during its Feb. 7 meeting. Shame on them that they could not spare a few extra minutes to listen to the people they were elected to serve.