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This ask is ‘a little much’

Comment on North Fork Chocolate Company story.

Supervisor candidate: Why I’m running

Letter to the editor from Yvette Aguiar of Riverhead, candidate for town supervisor.

Ambulance president says thank you to emergency services personnel

RVAC president thanks emergency services personnel who made sure all calls for medical assistance were promptly answered during Riverhead Ambulance District’s recent radio problems.

About the first U.S. flag

Continental Congressman Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey — not Betsy Ross — designed the first U.S. flag.

Downs: ‘I’m caught in the middle’

Riverhead school district trustee Laurie Downs responds to the debate between the teachers' union and its former union president.

What’s wrong with this EPCAL deal?

What are their plans? Grand promises for economic development led by Daniel Preston's Luminati. But Preston has abandoned his operation at EPCAL and fled upstate without paying his bills. And these empty promises for economic development come with no guarantees in the contract.

Bravo, Blue Masques!

The night was magical. The performers hit it out of the park. The musicians didn‘t miss a beat. The direction, choreography and music direction were perfect.

Event plans for South Jamesport beach ‘a terrible idea’

South Jamesport Beach is a quiet, family beach. Don't spoil it with drinking, music, trash and the like.

AAECF says thanks

To the Editor: The African American Educational and Cultural Festival thanks the Riverhead Free Library and the Friends...
2013 0724 building department 2

Riverhead’s chief building inspector bids town a fond farewell

Open letter to the Town of Riverhead from chief building inspector Brad Hammond, who is resigning his position effective April 12.
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