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Bravo, Blue Masques!

The night was magical. The performers hit it out of the park. The musicians didn‘t miss a beat. The direction, choreography and music direction were perfect.

Event plans for South Jamesport beach ‘a terrible idea’

South Jamesport Beach is a quiet, family beach. Don't spoil it with drinking, music, trash and the like.

AAECF says thanks

To the Editor: The African American Educational and Cultural Festival thanks the Riverhead Free Library and the Friends...
2013 0724 building department 2

Riverhead’s chief building inspector bids town a fond farewell

Open letter to the Town of Riverhead from chief building inspector Brad Hammond, who is resigning his position effective April 12.

Neighbors list concerns about about proposed food waste facility in Calverton

We just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building homes in an agricultural area to raise our families and this facility would turn our residence into an industrial nightmare. 

Thank you for helping Mia Grace

Bean and Bagel Café and its staff deserve recognition for their generosity and kindness.

Suggests supervisor grab coffee with constituents for feedback

“Coffee with a Cop” brings police officers and community members they serve together  — over coffee — to discuss issues and learn more about...

Councilman says thanks for bonfire help

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank everyone who helped make this year’s bonfire a great success. It...

Urges support for federal carbon fee bill

The bill would decreases U.S. carbon emissions 33 percent over the next decade — and create over 2 million new jobs, lower health care costs and promote energy innovation.

Amper: State should double funding for Long Island’s water infrastructure

Statewide water infrastructure needs still far exceed available funding.
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