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Why vote for in the school election May 18? There are lots of reasons.

If you’re like 85% of the school district’s residents, you don't usually vote in school district elections.

‘The very last thing Riverhead needs is a drag strip’

A drag strip will mean noise pollution, air pollution, traffic congestion, and historically unruly and destructive crowds.

Drag racing proposals require thorough investigation

The town board should carefully review the proposals for drag racing at the Calverton Enterprise Park for impacts on traffic, noise and town resources.

Thanks for successful town clean-up

On Saturday, April 17, more than 200 hard-working volunteers could be seen picking up trash in the parks, beaches and roadsides of every hamlet in town.

Let’s put community ahead of personal gain

With development constantly changing the character of Riverhead, we need to know that whoever is making decisions is doing so in the best interest of the town.

Do we really need an anti-Semite supporter running for governor?

Does Zeldin really think that he stands a snowflake's chance in hell to win the race for governor of New York? Zeldin would be better suited to run for Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Garcia’s ‘spin and falsehoods’ about Zeldin

Garcia pointing to former governor George Pataki as a model for Zeldin's path is based on magical thinking at best.

Garcia’s claims about Zeldin’s ‘accomplishments’ are either false or exaggerated

Suffolk GOP chairman Jesse Garcia's claims about Rep. Lee Zeldin's record are way off base.

Riverside Drive residents urge town to fix ‘hazardous’ condition at 90-degree bend

Riverside Drive residents are asking the town for speed "humps" to slow traffic at the 90-degree bend in the road, which they say is a hazard that causes many accidents.

Town board, not Republican Party, must fill council vacancy

This seat does not belong to the Republican Party. The town board should independently evaluate persons interested in serving and should treat all equitably and openly.