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‘Shocked’ at low voter turnout, apathy of Riverhead residents

by Nov 11, 2023
I am not so much shocked at the election results as I am at the overall turnout of voters. In a town in excess of 34,000 people only about 8,000 people voted.

Angela De Vito deserves your vote for supervisor

by Nov 5, 2023
Riverhead is becoming a destination and we are at a crossroads. Who do you think will best steer that course? I believe Angela DeVito is the woman for the job.

On Triple Five application, the IDA did its job. The Town Board did not.

by Nov 3, 2023
On the EPCAL land deal with Triple Five, the Riverhead Town Board and the Riverhead IDA are a study in contrasts.

Riverhead Ciderhouse: Why Joann Waski does not deserve our vote on Election Day

by Oct 27, 2023
Letter: Riverhead Planning Board member Joann Waski, cast the deciding vote to approve another Riverhead Ciderhouse expansion done without permits. She does not deserve our vote for Town Board.

Riverhead Republicans are ‘misleading the electorate’

by Oct 12, 2023
Letter to the Editor: A few weeks before Election Day, they get all chesty and make disingenuous stump speeches. Where were they for the past two years?

‘Overly aggressive towing policy’

by Oct 10, 2023
Unclear signage about a change in policy leads to a $600 tow charge to recover possession of family vehicle towed from Rt. 58 parking lot.

The swastika is ‘universal hate symbol of choice.’ It’s wrong to assume its use is harmless.

by Oct 9, 2023
Letter to the Editor: When swastikas appear in a community, whatever the context, we should all pay attention.

Citing ‘extreme financial burden’ on school district from tax exemptions, RCSD asks the town IDA to voluntarily stop exempting school taxes

by Sep 3, 2023
Citing the loss of more than $15 million in tax revenue over the past decade — $2.7 million in 2022 alone — Riverhead school district officials say 'enough is enough.'

‘Pharaoh is on both sides’

by Sep 1, 2023
Letter: Let’s do our due diligence and challenge each candidate to determine who has the Riverhead African American community’s best interest at heart.

Respect America’s founding principles

by Aug 18, 2023
It is amazing to me that many people who tout the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution do not seem to have read these documents.