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Letter: Help NFAWL fight animal cruelty

Mattituck To the Editor: With the arrival of spring, I am reminded April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and, with your help, our team...

Former councilman: Ghermezian family’s EPCAL offer ‘a dream come true’

To the Editor: I offer my opinion today not as a former councilman nor as a current planning board member but as a member of...

After columnist’s departure, a call for neighborly respect

To the Editor: I wanted to wait a few days before I replied to the article about Laurie Nigro’s decision to retire her column....

Quit ‘scaremongering’ about cats

To the Editor: Greg Blass’ recent column (“Why you should keep your cat indoors,” Jan. 30, 2018) only adds to the misinformation and scaremongering on...

We must fight to ban off-shore drilling

To the Editor: As presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, I am deeply concerned regarding the Department of Interior’s Draft Proposed Plan to permit...

‘A change for the better’

I am writing because I am deeply concerned about the future of the Town of Riverhead. In these times of chaos, confusion and misunderstandings,...

Letter to the Editor Town board made right call on status of Oak Hills roads

Oak Hills resident: Determining that the roads in Oak Hills are 'public highways by use' was the correct decision

Letter to the Editor This is no time for silence

We need to send a clear message to all members of our community that hate and intolerance are not welcome here.

Letter to the Editor Bravo to Denise Lucas for shelter efforts

I can only hope that the current town board and the town supervisor will further Denise’s efforts and bring to fruition a beautiful new shelter for these poor creatures.

Letter to the Editor: Question for Lee Zeldin — Are you a partisan or an American?

Letter to the Editor: Chris Cangeleri of Manorville asks Rep. Lee Zeldin what it would take for him to withdraw his support for President Trump.
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