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‘Bullying’ has no place in Town Hall

Politics are politics, however the trend of bullying, mansplaining, and general male-privileged behavior has no place in a public forum in Town Hall.

Drag racing is wrong for Calverton site

Calverton resident outlines objections to 2022 drag racing series now before town board.

Urges vote for Mike Zaleski for highway supe

To the Editor: When is the last (or first) time a resident can say a town official showed up...

Why we should embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools

DEI is a necessary component if we are to educate the next generation to understand the world around them. This is especially true on Long Island, which is one of the most segregated areas in the country. Featured letter from veteran educator

Is Riverhead’s loose leaves pickup service gone for good?

In this letter, Wading River resident Steven Marcus asks about the fate of Riverhead's loose leaves pickup service.

Kent: Why I’m running for town supervisor

My goal is and has been giving citizens the respect they deserve. Residents must be allowed to take part in decisions that affect them. Their opinions must be heard, valued and used in decision-making.

Heartfelt thanks from Ziggy’s family

A note of thanks from the family of the late Ziggy Wilinski

Riverhead must address its litter problem

Dear Editor, No one is pro-litter, right? In recent months, I have taken to picking up...

Constituent responds to Zeldin newsletter

Marianne Porcelli-White of Riverhead responds to Rep. Lee Zeldin's monthly recap newsletter.

EPCAL drag strip would be a positive thing for Riverhead

To the Editor: I personally feel having the drag strip at EPCAL is a positive thing for Riverhead and...