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Denise Civiletti

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Denise Civiletti, copublisher of with her husband Peter Blasl, is a lawyer, journalist, news junkie, digital media maven and the proud mother of two Riverhead High School graduates (2010). To send Denise an email, click here.

To err is human — to really screw things up requires a Facebook algorithm

Stuck with the unintended consequences of Facebook's profanity filter algorithm.

Riverhead Town’s budget process just keeps getting worse — and less transparent

The state comptroller says budget documents should show a few years’ worth of budget data. Not in Riverhead, where the budget shows no actual numbers for the prior year or year-to-date.

The Great Grumman Giveaway II

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the “Great Grumman Giveaway” election campaign of Republicans running for town board in 1999 on the platform that the Democratic majority in office had sold off the town’s most valuable asset for a song.

This is the real ‘American carnage’

Americans are armed to the teeth. Hate flows through the veins of some of us. Mental illness affects others. The combination of weapons, hate and depravity is deadly. The resulting lawlessness is terrifying. This is the real “American carnage.”

Getting drivers licensed is in everybody’s best interests

Allowing all residents to lawfully obtain a driver’s license will make our roads safer, reduce the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers, reduce insurance premiums, add millions to the state treasury and cut enforcement and court costs.

What comes next for EPCAL land deal? Town must get these questions answered

There are a number of troubling questions that the town board should get answered as quickly as possible about the pending sale to Calverton Aviation and Technology.

‘Sunshine Week’ series: Why the future of local journalism matters — to you

According to academic studies of communities that lost their local newspapers, government became more inefficient, civic engagement and voter turnout declined and — get this — the cost of municipal borrowing went up. That’s what happens when the press isn’t around to fulfill its role as government watchdog.

‘Sunshine Week’ series: Riverhead Town must do these things to ensure transparency and ethics in government

The town needs a more comprehensive code of ethics as well as rules to govern the conduct of public officials presiding over adjudicatory hearings. These are steps that will institutionalize transparency and act as guardrails to protect the public interest.

‘Sunshine Week’ series: Reporting on crime in the dark — when police don’t provide basic information

It's hard to have confidence in the crime reports you compile when the information provided by police is inconsistent and incomplete.

‘Sunshine Week’ series: Transparency in government requires public notices that are easily accessible for all

Public notices are a basic building block of government transparency, yet an archaic state law mandates their publication in a medium that fewer and fewer people are using: print newspapers. The result is a big problem for government transparency.
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