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Aquebogue Elementary School

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Aquebogue Elementary School is one of four K-4 elementary schools in the district. It serves approximately 450 students. P.O. Box 1200 Main Road Aquebogue, NY 11931 Principal: Phil Kent, 631-369-6780  

Kindergarteners at Aquebogue treat and diagnose their teddy bear friends

Kindergarteners from Aquebogue Elementary School adorned surgical masks and rubber gloves to treat and diagnose their stuffed animals when Stony Brook Hospital's...

Learning through a sand project

Aquebogue Elementary School kindergartner Lucas Pereira made kinetic sand as part of a science learning project.

Aquebogue Elementary School students investigate the earth

Paula Almonte’s fourth graders at Aquebogue Elementary School have been busy investigating the structure of the earth as part of a science unit.

New assistant principal named at Aquebogue Elementary School

Veteran Riverhead elementary teacher Gary Karlson has been named assistant principal at Aquebogue Elementary School.

School board hires new principal for Aquebogue Elementary School

Islip Middle School assistant principal Bryan Miltenberg was appointed to the post by the board of education Tuesday night.

Aquebogue Elementary science fair winners named

Students at Aquebogue Elementary School participated in the annual science fair April 16.

Riverhead families go ‘Full STEAM Ahead’ as part of Parent University

Riverhead students and families participated in a 'Full STEAM Ahead' escape room Parent University March 19 at the high school.

Aquebogue Elementary students participate in Butterfly Effect Project

25 girls from Aquebogue Elementary School were selected to participate in the Butterfly Effect Project, which aims to empower girls through enrichment activities and friendship.

Aquebogue students raise money for ‘Hoops for Heart’

Students at Aquebogue Elementary School raised $6,000 for the American Heart Association through the AHA's “Hoops for Heart” program.

Aquebogue kindergartners participate in teddy bear clinic

Kindergarteners at Aquebogue Elementary School diagnosed and treated teddy bear patients during a teddy bear clinic on Feb. 26.
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