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Board of Education

Riverhead interim school superintendent is passed over for permanent appointment

According to sources inside the district, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona, who applied for the superintendent position, yesterday told staff members she did not get the job.

Riverhead’s $14 million hike in state education aid will allow district to restore cuts and add programs without any property tax...

After word that the Riverhead Central School District has received a $14 million hike in state aid, the board of education has decided to propose an operating budget for 2021-2022 that will not increase property taxes and at the same time fund programs that were cut in the contingency budget last year, as well as additional expenditures officials say are needed to improve education districtwide.

Students in Gr. 7-12 to be issued plastic face shields for return to in-person instruction four days a week, beginning next...

The Riverhead school board last night unanimously approved the purchase of two face shields for each student in grades 7-12 at a cost of $5,400.

Sports, music and high school clubs will return to Riverhead in spring semester — COVID permitting

The Riverhead Board of Education voted unanimously tonight to fund spring interscholastic sports, music and high school clubs. The cost of the reinstated programs will be paid out of the 2020-2021 budget line for health insurance expenses, after health insurance costs proved to be lower than the amount budgeted.

Number of ‘missing’ high school students far lower than board member thought, official says

There are 79 high school student s who have had not attended classes, either in person or remote, since the start of the school year — not 270, as a school board member said last week.

Riverhead moves to bring K-4 students into classrooms full-time by December

Riverhead students in grades K-4 could be in class five days per week as soon as Dec. 1 after the school board last night authorized the purchase and installation of plastic barriers in K-4 classrooms.

Riverhead school board to hold first in-person public meeting since COVID shutdown

The Riverhead school board will meet in person and allow public attendance at its meeting for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic surged in New York and the governor implemented shutdown measures in March.

COVID shutdown did not feather school district’s nest, officials say

There was no stash of unspent funds left over when the books were closed on the 2019-2020 school year in Riverhead.

Riverhead welcomes new middle school assistant principal

Riverhead Middle School has a new assistant principal. The school board last month appointed Jeannine Campbell of Sayville to the post, effective Oct. 1.

Riverhead school board looks to eliminate live public comments on agenda items

If the policy is approved by the board, public comments and questions on agenda items will have to be submitted in writing to the district clerk prior to the start of the meeting and will be read aloud by the district clerk during the meeting.
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