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Three additional community meetings set before school district’s Feb. 25 bond vote

The Riverhead school district will air its expansion plans at three additional community meetings before the Feb. 25 bond vote.

School board wrap: security technology update, meeting videos, social media etiquette and retirements

New technologies are quickly becoming essential tools for the Riverhead Central School District’s security plans, and so far, they seem to be...

School district seeks to combat misinformation on bond proposal in advance of Feb. 25 vote

School district officials are concerned that "misinformation" is confusing people about the capital bond proposal and turning them against it.

Voters will decide fate of school district’s capital plan in Feb. 25 election

Riverhead Central School District taxpayers will vote Feb. 25 on the district’s $97 million capital plan to expand and improve school facilities in an effort to address the needs of the growing student population.

School board set to approve $97 million capital plan and schedule Feb. 25 vote

The school board is scheduled to take up resolutions tonight approving a $96.55 million capital construction plan and scheduling a Feb. 25 vote on two propositions authorizing the plan.

Additional meetings for capital bond proposal announced by Riverhead Board of Education

Three more public meetings to discuss the capital bond proposal have been announced by the Riverhead Board of Education. Questions, comments and concerns from the public will be heard and discussed by community members and board of education members.

Acting principal named at Pulaski Street School as district investigates allegations against principal

Riverhead High School assistant principal Patrick Burke returns to Pulaski Street Elementary School as acting principal following the reassignment of

Riverhead school district may oppose mandatory HPV vaccines

The school superintendent has drafted a letter in opposition to bills pending in Albany that would make the HPV vaccine mandatory.

Riverhead school district increases capital bond proposal, citing revised enrollment projections

New enrollment projections add 180 students at the high school in 10 years, requiring 32 new classrooms instead of 24

School board to hold another series of public forums on facilities plans

Board of education president Greg Meyer said the board would announce the new dates before Thanksgiving.
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