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School board to hold another series of public forums on facilities plans

Board of education president Greg Meyer said the board would announce the new dates before Thanksgiving.

New assistant principal at Pulaski; high school music teacher named fine arts director

The school board on Tuesday night appointed Callan Lonergan as assistant principal of Pulaski Street School and Jason Rottkamp as the district's director of fine arts.

Riverhead High School to lose popular veteran Latin teacher

Popular Riverhead High School Latin teacher Dr. Jeff Greenberger is retiring in December.

School district finalizes capital bond proposal

School officials plan to put two propositions up for a vote in February: an $85.9 million bond for facilities upgrades and expansion and an $8.8 million bond for athletic facilities improvements.

Under fire from community, school district defends its registration requirements, policies

District officials defended their policies and procedures for student registration, which they said were established pursuant to the findings of a 2014 audit by the State Education Department and Attorney General.

School district officials unveil scaled-back expansion plans

In response to community feedback, the district has developed scaled-back and less expensive expansion plans — three alternatives ranging in cost from $94.1 million to $79.7 million.

Riverhead school district’s $100 million construction plan continues to spark debate

School and town officials debate responsibility for managing growth in student enrollment.

Riverhead High School has a new principal: acting principal Sean O’Hara named to post

Acting principal Sean O'Hara, an assistant principal at the high school since 2013, was appointed principal at last night's school board meeting.

School district revises schedule for community forums on capital project proposal

The changes come in response to feedback given by community members who attended the Sept. 19 forum and complained that the 5:30 start-time for the upcoming sessions would prevent working people from attending.

Time runs out for unvaccinated students — they will be ‘respectfully’ sent home

According to district officials, as many as 328 students across all Riverhead schools will be affected— including 39 students with religious exemption requests, as well as those who, for other unspecified reasons, have not yet complied with the new rules.
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