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Karl Grossman

Suffolk Closeup: Understanding slavery, racism, Nazis and the Klan in Suffolk County’s history

Center on the Holocaust, Diversity and Human Understanding aims to make sure Suffolk County's history of slavery, Nazis, the KKK and racism are not forgotten, to promote better understanding today.

Suffolk Closeup A walk through Suffolk’s history with county historian Peter Fox Cohalan

county began as the East Riding of Yorkshire and, he said, “from there morphed into” Suffolk County in 1683, one of the 12 original counties in the Province of New York, and even after independence and the province becoming a state, Suffolk was “the only county never to be subdivided.”
2013 0131 sex offender plan burke

Suffolk Closeup Is fall of Suffolk’s police chief just a harbinger of things to come?

Is ex-chief James Burke's indictment the tip of the iceberg — a fragment of a broader federal investigation into 'widespread corruption' in Suffolk County?
2014 0602 helicopter spraying

Suffolk CloseupCounty vector control division’s use of toxic methoprene is shameful

There is “damning evidence" of the toxicity of the chemical Suffolk County uses to kill mosquitoes. Yet a majority of the County Legislature votes each year to allow its continued use.

Suffolk Closeup:The story behind the East End’s 2-percent transfer tax

A look back on how one of the most successful land preservation programs in the U.S. took root.

Karl Grossman: Poverty, though its face has changed, is pervasive in Suffolk

Wages have not kept up with the cost of housing and the overall cost of living in Suffolk, where more than 90,000 people live below the federal poverty level.

Suffolk Closeup: The price of oil and gas have little to do with supply and demand

Low prices at the pump are the result of cheap oil flooding the market. It's politically motivated and it's not going to last.

From microbeads to methoprene, and being sandbagged by wrongheaded policy: 2015 in the county legislature

A look back at the accomplishments and failures of the Suffolk Legislature in 2015.
Mute swans in local waters. (Photo: Emil Breitenbach Jr.)

Suffolk Closeup: Leave the swans alone

The stately swans that glide on the Peconic River in Riverhead might be birds of the past if the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gets its way.

Suffolk Closeup: Enemies of renewable energy seek to protect their own profits

The electric utilities industry and their fossil-fuel backers are doing everything they can to stop the home solar energy insurgence because it cuts into their profits.