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Karl Grossman

Vandana Shiva: Chemical industry’s GMO drive is choking out diversity

“Your region still has farms that look like farms,” international environmental leader Vandana Shiva said during a talk on the East End last month. In contrast, “industrial farms” are “creating deserts” and doing “violence against the earth.” Suffolk Closeup by Karl Grossman.

Suffolk Closeup: Why we need more women in elective office

As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said, only with women being fully represented can the U.S. be a “fully representative democracy.”

Suffolk Closeup: County cops meddling in local politics is a decades-old pattern

The situation with Suffolk County police in Riverhead fits into a pattern that is decades old. With the “average homeowner” in the county police district now paying $1,165 annually for police services, the county department would benefit greatly from new sources of property tax revenue — and the East End is ripe.